Transgender teacher Laura Klug at her employment hearing

Laura's wining smile won the day as she was later reinstated

Monica Jones presenting at the University of Arizona Women's and Gender Studies Program

The next day she was convicted in a court of law for walking while trans

Stunning model Geena Rocero stuns crowd by coming out

Looking at this picture she says she's just begun down our road less traveled

Austria's Eurovision contestant Conchita Wurst

The drag artist in a beard has a message everyone should hear


Judge denies hate group access to voter informantion squashing anti Transgender effort

"Privacy for all students" posted this picture on their facebook page of the lead referendum attorney from the Pacific Justice Institute(PJI). The PJI is an active hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A judge in Sacramento has ruled that elections officials in 30 California counties do not have to turn over records that would help supporters of a failed ballot referendum challenge the invalidation of thousands of voter signatures.

Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley on Friday granted the state's request to quash subpoenas issued on behalf of Privacy for All Students, which sought to repeal a new law that spells out the rights of transgender students in public schools.

Relying on counts submitted by county offices, the secretary of state determined in February that the group was about 17,000 signatures short of the number needed to qualify its proposed referendum.

The state argued that the referendum's supporters were entitled to review the discounted signatures, but that supplying copies of the detailed records they requested would violate voters' privacy.

Privacy for All said it plans to appeal. Source SF Gate. The PJI also said they will continue to waste taxpayers money in their effort to strip students of their rights.


What are the effects of FTM binding? New study needs your input

The Binding Health Project seeks to learn more about the health impacts of those who bind! A joint project of public health and medical students Boston University.

Our goal is to use the results from this survey to advocate for the health of individuals who chest bind. We hope to build a knowledge base that currently does not exist for people who bind, their providers, and the communities that support them. Thank you so much for your time and participation in this survey!
Click here to take our survey.
Being a MTF I was vaguely aware that improper or extended binding can cause life threatening injuries. Trans Guys has a great Binding 101 on safe binding and there's a program ongoing where you can donate/ receive pre owned binders at In a Bind Happy Transition!

Photo credit Tumblr Fuck Yeah Binders


Meet Appleton District 2 Alderperson Mr Vered Meltzer

There was quite a lot published about Vered Meltzer when he was elected, much of it ether misgendered him or didn't identify him by his name. I wanted to set the record straight and was granted a interview with this incredible trans soul. Enjoy!

Asking some questions are difficult, but for Vered answering them was easy. I asked him to describe his transition wanting to clear the air he replied:

V: I prefer "he/him". I wish English had gender-neutral pronouns though. I identify as male. I have not transitioned yet. I don't attempt to conform to social norms of masculine OR feminine appearance.

K: Appleton has a non discrimination ordnance in place but its for housing only. What's in store for our community there?

V: Appleton is working on drafting a resolution that will extend protection against discrimination to include gender identity and gender expression, among other things. This is very important to me because we already have such language in our fair housing resolution, but nothing that covers workplace discrimination. Many other cities already have such resolutions. I want Appleton to be a leader rather than a follower, especially on such a basic issue as discrimination.

K: Other than working to improve the LGBT lot in Appleton, what else have you in mind?

V: My goals while in office are to improve communication between Appleton and its residents as much as possible, and to serve my city the best I can because I absolutely love Appleton. I also want to inspire others to get involved in local politics. I want to send the message that taking an active involved role in local government is both rewarding and accessible. The most basic level of local government is the part that's most relevant to our daily lives.

K: I see most mainstream news call you Gypsy, is that correct?

V: "Vered Meltzer" is the best way to refer to me. Gypsy is a nickname from school.

K: Thank you Vered.


Trans twitter engineer Dana McCallum accused of spousal rape

Dana McCallum Photo Business Insider

Transgender twitter engineer Dana McCallum has been charged with five felonies according to the SF Examiner:
"McCallum, 31, who was born a male, openly identifies as a female and whose legal name is Dana Contreras, was charged Jan. 29 with five felonies, including three counts of spousal rape, one count of false imprisonment and one count of domestic violence, according to the District Attorney's Office. She has since pleaded not guilty."

The rest of the story is essentially speculative, offering no further evidence. The comments are filled with TERF's using it as a gotcha moment. Yes TERF's most transgender people have original plumbing for many reasons. Most everyone already knew that. Dana McCallum's last tweet:

Monica Jones, AZ Transgender woman convicted of the crime "Walking While Trans"

Just days after Monica Jones was seen in this CBS video (embedded below) protesting the failed religious discriminatory law in Phoenix, she was offered a ride while walking to a bar. The driver turned out to be an undercover police officer who then arrested her for "manifestation of prostitution'.

This law is a vague statue which enables officers to arrest woman for no other reason than asking if they are police. The law is used to feed people to "Project Rose" as the city conducts massive drag nets hauling in dozens of individuals at a time. This profiling of woman by police is contested by the Arizona ACLU which notes that "The difference between 'innocent' and 'criminal' behavior often comes down to how a person looks.

A 2011 study  in NYC found that 59% of transgender respondents said that they had been stopped by police. So over half of our sisters in NYC had they lived in Phoenix would have faced the prospect of "Project Rose".


Busted for "Walking While Trans"

Since Jones hadn’t been previously charged with similar ‘crimes’ she was offered a deferral if she enrolled in “Project Rose” and successfully completed it.

Project Rose, which has a 28 percent success rate, shouldn't be condemned for its low percentage of successful completions. But anyone who has gone through drug rehab knows that number is most likely inflated and since there is no information available on the recidivism rate it is pretty meaningless.

In conception, it's not a bad idea except.....knowing a conviction was guaranteed leaving no option,

It requires a person, who may or may not have broken a law, help in finding employment, even if they don't want that help...

Jail or Church?

Project Rose's capstone is religious and moral programing, even if they don't want it.
"Catholic Charities DIGNITY Diversion programs offer those arrested for prostitution the opportunity to avoid jail time. Offenders attend intense education to divert them from re-offending.

Run in conjunction with the City of Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office, our program provides 36 hours of self exploration and education to develop self esteem and give hope. Participants also receive rehabilitation services including support, education, and treatment to help them escape prostitution. Job placement assistance is also provided. Those who complete the program have their charges dismissed."

Monica Jones bucked the trend and decided to fight this unjust, unconstitutional law saying
"I believe I was profiled as a sex worker because I am a transgender woman of color, and an activist

But the court refused to recognize the unconstitutionality of the law and convicted Monica even though two witness testified that the officer was the one who approached Monica, invalidating the key provision of the law leading to her arrest.

Contact: Margie Diddams, 480-553-3777,

Guilty Verdict for Monica Jones Reveals Broken Legal System: Urgent Need For Action

PHOENIX--- Over 50 supporters rallied in front of the Phoenix Court house this morning in support of ASU student and anti-1062 activist Monica Jones. Ms. Jones was facing unjust charges of “manifestation of intent to prostitute,” a vague and discriminatory law that criminalizes activities like waving at cars, talking to passersbys, and inquiring if someone is a police officer. The ACLU of Arizona joined Jones’ lawyer in contesting the constitutionality of the manifestation statute. Dan Pochoda of the ACLU explained in his arguments, “The statute eviscerates first amendment rights.” In a packed courtroom filled with supporters wearing “I Stand With Monica Jones: Stop Profiling Trans Women of Color” t-shirts, the judge found Ms. Jones guilty based solely on the statements of the police officer who targeted for her race and gender. Supporters across AZ and the nation are in an uproar about the injustice of this ruling.

In Arizona and across the country, trans women of color like Ms. Jones are routinely profiled and swept up in the criminal justice system on prostitution-related charges, due to a phenomenon many call “Walking While Trans”---a widely held belief by law enforcement and others that all transgender women are criminals. Because of the injustice that leads people to take pleas against their best interest due to lack of community support, Ms. Jones decided she was going to fight the charges, so that no more trans women, sex workers, or people profiled as sex workers would have to face these injustices. Ms. Jones has remained adamant about her innocence, and that sex workers need rights, not arrests. Ms. Jones stated after the verdict, “As an African American and as a woman, the justice system has failed me.”

In light of this devastating ruling, SWOP Phoenix (Sex Worker Outreach Project) and Monica Jones will fight the case in an appeals process, while building national and international momentum against unjust policies that target trans women, people of color, and sex workers. SWOP Phoenix is calling on people from around the country to keep demanding justice for Ms. Jones. Meanwhile, the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders is monitoring the trial as an example of discriminatory policing and retaliation on activists organizing for human rights.

Ms. Jones states, “I am saddened by the injustice that took place at my trial this morning, but we are not giving up the fight. It’s time that we end the stigma and the criminalization of sex work, the profiling of trans women of color, and the racist policing system that harms so many of us.”

Monica Jones presents at the University of Arizona Women's and Gender Studies Program
where she is a third year student.
 Photo by PJ Starr.


Victory in Texas! Lumberton School reinstates transgender teacher Laura Jane Klug

Laura shared her good news on  facebook

Last night in the Lumberton ISD in a surprise move reinstated transgender teacher Laura Jane Klug. Although it was expected that Ms, Klug would keep her job the quick response by the board was unexpected. Firing her for her transgender status would have left the ISD open for an EEOC complaint and a possible lawsuit.

Roughly half of the people commenting spoke in support at thestanding room only meeting. Laura had told planetransgneder yesterday  that she was amazed by the heartfelt response from her town and the states LGBT community.

Laura told planetransgender this morning  "I was so exhausted by the time the word was delivered to me that it didn't fully sink in."

The Board went in to an extended executive session after the regular meeting had ended.
Ms. Klug wasn't told the good news untill the early am after they had ajourned.