Texas sized welcome to Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies!

Texas sized welcome to Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies!

By Kelli Busey
October 1, 2008

Dallas Texas has become home to a Nationwide membership of activists and writers who collectively call themselves the "Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies(DTAA)."

The DTAA is comprised of people who identify as Transgender, Queer, Intersexed, Asexual, Questioning and Allies(TQIAQA).
The life blood of the DTAA is our diversity in Gender, Sexual Orientations, Ethnic Background, Political Views, and Religion.

The DTAA has no central steering membership or is obligated to abide by any social, religious or political decorum. It is not a requirement that any member gain a consensus or approval to conduct advocacy, be it conversation, Education or Protest. Our hope is that the right to conduct this advocacy is recognized by our membership and that the outcome will further the advancement of TQIAQA folk in Politics, religions and society.

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Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies!

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