Dallas Voice : Trans community meets with Bishop Robinson

Ben Briscoe Staff Writer Dallas Voice

"Majority of those who attended ‘Conversations’ prior to Black Tie also participated in protest."

"Depending on whom you talk to, “Transgender Conversations” with openly gay Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson Saturday, Nov. 22 either provided little closure for transgender activists upset with Robinson’s previous statements or it reassured them that he is a strong trans ally."

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Revoke LDS Church 501(C)(3) Status

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Revoke LDS Church 501(C)(3) Status
Dear Mad Priest,
Thank you for introducing this conversation. There is such a difference in the way we in the states and the UK think of trans and queer. Here we have purloined the seldom used moniker of "Queer".
We are mainly young, disenfranchised from religion and society and are not preoccupied with qualifying for any political definition i.e. gay, lesbian.
Our associations and membership in groups that are identified as "radical queer" gain us attention as many of us are willing to commit civil disobedience as a last resort when all other methods of communication have failed.
Our sexual affinity and physical age are not precursor to inclusion. The wealthy Gay society which has excluded us from the national work place protection legislation, ENDA, and the recent down turn in the economy are the main contributing factors for our quick formation.

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

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