Queer Kiss-in Saturday, February 7 : Couple arrested in San Antionio for kissing in a mall!!

The Dreaded Lesbian Kiss!!!

You Read it correctly! A peck on the cheek from a same sex or same gender couple, a leg draped over another's and Get Busted or so to speak. We can not let this go unnoticed.

Queer Kiss-in Saturday, February 7 Ross and Harwood By the DMA downtown
Noon (Dallas Museum Of Art DMA with that red propeller looking thing>>

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National Freedom to Marry Day
Thursday, February 12
Records Building 509 Main St
11:30 am

Queer Liberaction

Human Rights Campaign : TEXAS Independence Day Advocate!

Equality. Justice. Independence.
Make your voice heard on Texas Independence Day.

Equality Texas Lobby Day
Monday, March 2 | 8:00 a.m.

Texas Capitol
1100 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701

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Thousands of Texas children dread going to school to face the taunts, jeers, humiliation, physical intimidation and pain inflicted by bullies.

Bullying is not a necessary part of growing up. All students deserve a safe learning environment.

Join us on Monday, March 2 and ask Texas lawmakers to support Equality Texas’ Safe Schools Bill and other legislation that will benefit LGBT Texans.

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Crossing The Border!

To A T: Gender Journeys is found the most incredible writings.

Involving, Insightful and passionate. Enjoy!

"Crossing The Border, Coming Home to One’s Self
By Radha"

"She sat in the compartment alone, stared from the window as the train flew through villages scattered across the Franconian hillsides like jacks tossed into a circle prior to the game. Grey stone walls, red-tiled roofs and always the spire of the town-church above everything else, cross shining across the fields and the roads where the occasional car wended its way between here and there."

"Her breath made fog on the glass as she leaned almost into the window, better able to see out or wishing in some way to melt through glass and become part of the landscape she passed through."

Draw a breath with Radha in Crossing The Border, Coming Home to One’s Self!