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BREAKING NEWS From planetransgender april 16, 2009 "Tamil Nadu : Forced Prostitution In Exchange for Sexual Reassignment Surgery(SRS)"

Laying in the southeastern corner of India is Nadu Tamil. The state of தமிழ்நாடு with culture predating recorded history has transitioned back to the future as a world leader of progressive thinking by offering sexual reassignment surgery. In a country suffering from current western transphobic influences, the present treatment of India's transgender people often mirrors that of it's contemporaries, with indifference and cruelty being the norm. This has not always been true of India and once again the ancient reverence of humanity is manifesting in popular culture.

Published by Indian Express.com the article by Vinay Sitapati is much more than a story about getting a Sex-change for free, it is the story of societal success..

"In the midst of all this, Tamil Nadu stands out in how it treats transgenders. The state has set up a Transgender Welfare Board with a budget of 50 lakh rupees per year. That’s around 100 rupees per eunuch — meagre but without parallel in the rest of India. More than money, it’s the schemes themselves that are eye-catching: special ration cards for eunuchs and “admission to transgenders in Government colleges,” to quote DMK MP Kanimozhi. But it’s Tamil Nadu’s decision to pay for sex-change surgery that is truly path breaking." read on Sex-change for free

MURDERED : Ebru Soykan Turkish Transgender Human Rights Activist

Turkey: Another Transgender Activist Murdered
Government Should Prosecute Violence, Prohibit Discrimination

Ebru's murder was the second this year of transgender activists in Turkey. She was a leading figure in an organization that worked to end police harassment and ill treatment of transgender people. She was stabbed in her home in spite of having notified the police of the dangerous man who they presently have in custody in connection with her murder.

Many people in Turkey feel that the police if not committing the violence, turn a deaf ear to warnings and a blind eye to crime if it is committed against transgender people.

The Human Rights Watch published the report "A Social Hell: State Violence, Abuse, and Harassment against Transgender People" in 2008 which describes Turkey as a place that “We Need a Law for Liberation”.

by k.a. Busey
March 13, 2009

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