Pray for Jackie! EXPECT MIRACLES!!!

The young lady gracing the slide show is Jackie Murphree from Decatur Texas. A college student who's life was forever changed when her car was hit by a drunk driver. Jackie's brain was shifted and she remained in a coma for several months until finally emerging. But now Jackie's eyes must now speak for her.

Jackie's faith family prayed that time forward for miracles. The miracles the world awaits for began to occur to the people that Jackie's life touches. Adversaries found common ground. People began finding ourselves in the grace of our lord and being brought together in the Methodist faith. Recovering substance abuser's refreshed, pausing to wonder in the beauty of the lives we had taken for granted.

Why should we not pray with Jackie because she needs us now. She is going to China where stem cell research has progressed to the point that it offers her a opportunity to become a vibrant interactive woman once again.

We can be part of this miracle. If you can come to Decatur there are many opportunities to help, but if you can't, you can be a miracle maker by sending a check to; Legend Bank/ Attn: Jackie Murphree Benefit Account/ P.O. Box 1001/ Decatur, TX 76234.

Pray for Jackie! EXPECT MIRACLES!!!

DECATUR — Sitting in a wheelchair, Jackie Murphree's eyes must now speak for her.

Benefit Fun Run May 23, 2009 sign up form

My space Pray for Jackie! EXPECT MIRACLES!!!

First UMC Decatur, Decatur, TX

Pedophiles in Church : Catholic Abuse of Christianity

The Catholic Church's refusal to accept sexual diversity as a god given undeniable human condition has resulted in thousands of children sexually abused and more victimized daily by the very institution entrusted with the sanctity of life.

With the single minded determination of a bloodied fighter covering on the ropes the Catholic Church is swinging wildly hoping to inflict a mortal blow on what it mistakenly perceives as its opponent, sexual minorities.

Ultimately it is the silent innocent victim who suffers as the Catholic Church pays hush money and allows this abhorrent practice to continue. It's secrecy and duplicity condoning religious violence against boys and girls. As Sex claims against US Church rise over one half of the Catholic victims are just babies, children under 10 years old.

Sex claims against US Church rise

Priests to face 'sex drive tests'

Pope sorry for priests' sex abuse

Vatican opposes UN Declaration on decriminalisation of homosexuality

Pope 'did not help girls abused by Florence priest'

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP)


Catholic Church Facing Biggest Threat Ever

by k.a. Busey
March 19, 2009

About the author.
I am a transgender woman of faith. It is my love of Christianity which motivates me to reach out to the Catholic Church. It is my hope that this effort will in some small way help.