Gainesville Florida VOTES to KEEP Human Rights : WE WIN, WE WIN, WE WIN!!!


Despite fear mongering and misinformation from opponents of transgender and gay rights the people of Gainesville Florida stood shoulder to shoulder and have spoken LOUD and CLEAR by voting 58% against amendment 1.

This landmark victory in the historically progressive city of Gainesville serves as a beacon of hope for all who will stand firm in the face of bigotry and discrimination.
People of Florida and the country rejoice in Victory!!!!

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Gainesville, Fla., anti-discrimination laws kept

"GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Voters have turned down a measure that would have stripped Gainesville, Fla.'s anti-discrimination protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents."

"With all precincts reporting Tuesday, the vote was 58 percent against changing the law."

"A group, Citizens for Good Public Policy, had sought to replace the city's protections with the Florida Civil Rights Act."

"The act does not include anti-discrimination laws to sexual preference or gender identity."

"The winning group, Equality is Gainesville's Business, says the allegations played on the public's fears and the changes were merely an attempt to remove protections from Gainesville citizens."

Equality Is Gainesville's Business

Equality is Gainesville’s Business VOTE TODAY!

Gainesville’s March 24th election is here! Today is your final opportunity to say NO to Discrimination in Gainesville!!!

March 24, 2009
Polls are open from 7 AM – 7 PM.

Click here to find out where you should vote

Call if you need a ride to the polls: 352-433-4183

If you have problems voting, call us: 352-327-3359

Please urge your friends, family and neighbors to vote NO on Charter Amendment 1 and bring them to the polls today! Tell them why you think Charter Amendment 1 is bad for Gainesville.

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach this historic day. With your support today we will defeat Charter Amendment 1 and keep Gainesville an inclusive community, free of discrimination.

The Equality is Gainesville’s Business Team

P.S. Join us Tonight as the results come in! Equality is Gainesville’s Business will be hosting a watch party at Brophy’s Irish Pub (60 SW Second Street) in Downtown Gainesville. Please arrive at 8:00pm and join us for the big news!

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