Set the record straight, defend transgender people

On April 7thWe just learned that our opponents at the Family Institute will be holding a rally on the steps of the capitol the same day as the Transgender Equality Lobby Day!

We need a strong turnout to counter opponents' lies. Can you join us? Please RSVP to Matt today and have your voice heard. We need you!

Come to the capitol and speak out at Lobby Day:Tuesday, April 7th10 AM - 1 PM Legislative Office Building Room 1D Contact Matt to RSVP, matt@lmfct.org or 860-525-7777x304

Legislators are hearing outrageous bigoted claims that transgender people should not be allowed in classrooms and that somehow basic protections for our community will increase the number of sexual predators. These are the SAME OLD TRICKS that our opponents tried to use when the gay rights bill was passed in 1991. Once again we have to set the record straight!

Come to the capitol, talk to your legislators, and show our elected officials that these slanders toward transgender people have no place in Connecticut. Thanks for being a part of our campaign. Let's make Connecticut the state where ALL people have equal rights. We hope to see you Tuesday! Please RSVP to Matt at matt@lmfct.org or 860-525-7777x304 so we have a headcount of attendees.

Sincerely, LMF Field Team

Take Action for Vermont Marriage Equality

Vermont House Passes Marriage Equality Same-sex marriage bill advances

Forwarded from New Hampshire Freedom To Marry (NHFTM)

MONTPELIER — Vermont ’s House of Representatives gave preliminary approval tonight to a historic same-sex marriage bill, setting up a showdown with Gov. Jim Douglas.After nearly four hours of passionate debate from supporters and opponents of the measure, the House approved the bill by a vote of 95-52 shortly after 9 p.m. The legislation, S.115, gives same-sex couples the right to marry in Vermont .The bill will be brought up again Friday for final approval, then return to the Senate, where changes to language must be approved. Should the Senate OK those changes, the bill will head to Douglas ’ desk and a promised veto.That veto — which Douglas declared last week he would deliver — would not kill the legislation. Instead members of the House and Senate will try to override the veto by securing a two-thirds majority of support in each chamber. The Senate would need 20 votes; the House would need 100 with all members in attendance.

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s): Governor John Lynch (if you live in New Hampshire)Your State Senator (if you live in New Hampshire)

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: The time is now, support HB436

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

I am writing to you today regarding House Bills 436. I am writing to you to request your support for this bill and to ask how you intend to vote on this bill. Regarding HB436, I believe in granting marriage equality to gays and lesbians. I want to end discrimination and the segregation of gay/lesbian families by urging you to pass HB 436 and marriage equality. Excluding gay/lesbian couples from marriage or segregating them with separate institutions, like civil unions -- marks them and their children as less worthy than other citizens.Children of gay/lesbian couples are harmed when their families are treated as less worthy. HB436 upholds freedom of religion. This bill is about civil marriage, and leaves decisions about religious ceremonies to faith leaders.NH's motto is "Live Free or Die." I believe that most people, when called upon, will do the right thing. In this case, please do the right thing and support marriage equality. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

[your name automatically inserted]

Click Here to take action!

VICTORY IN IOWA : court says gay marriage ban unconstitutional

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the Constitutional ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Polk County Attorney John Sarcone said that this ruling was not going to be contested meaning the ruling could go into effect in three weeks providing no other parties contest the decision.

The Iowa ruling could potentially have enormous effect on the pending California Supreme Court decision regarding same sex marriage. This finding took into consideration that human rights are afforded all people equally under constitutional guarantee and may not be removed by a popular vote or because a majority of the populations religious views demands it.

Iowa will become the third State to offer Gay Marriage following Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Lambda Legal has scheduled a news conference for Friday morning.

AP News release Iowa court says gay marriage ban unconstitutional

by Kelli Busey
April 03, 2009