Demand HATE CRIMES Legislation NOW!

We've just gotten word from our legislative action team that a comprehensive hate crimes bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives. This very same bill has been before Congress many times before, but here's what's different: this time, we have a chance of seeing it become law. Your representatives need to hear from you right now.
This is our chance to secure federal protections for the LGBT community from vicious attacks and hate. But there's no guarantee we'll win without your action today.
Our opponents also know that we have the votes to get this bill passed and with the Obama administration poised to see it through, they'll be fighting with everything they've got to make sure we lose.
We cannot let that happen. By taking action today, you can help make sure the LGBT community is protected and has the resources to seek justice when victimized by hate crimes. Please, take action now, then urge everyone you know to get in touch with their representatives. Now is our moment and we need your voice.

Caothloic wirlwind drawing christians closser?

The President is Honored by the flagship of cathoholism by being invited to speak as the fetured speaker at Notre Dames Commencement Ceremony.

The Catholic Church reacts with outrage!

Unheard of? Unhearlded? Yes and Yes.

This is the first time that the Catholic Church has objected to the President of the United States being on one of it's Campuses.

This is the first time the presidents skin is black. This is the first time that a president's agenda was contray to the offical Vatican's theocracy.

This is the first time that the Vatican in modren times has so ademently and unialaterly opposed human rights, human life, and human diginity in order to justify its unbending theology. My oppinon and not those of any group I attend or represent, as a writer I have the freedom to express them.

I am publishing views that are diametrly opposed to mine for fairness and freedom of thought.

The thoughts of Michael J. Bayly author of 'Wild Reed' http://thewildreed.blogspot.com/2009/03/what-notre-dame-controversy-is-really.html