Transgender Sanam Cricket Team Win First Game

Source Advocate.com
"A cricket team made up of hijras -- the common term for South Asia's "third sex" population, many of whom identify as female -- played its first official match in Pakistan, scoring 65 runs to beat a local men’s team, reports the BBC."

"Sanam XI ("sanam" means "beloved" in Urdu) beat the Olympians men’s cricket club in an exhibition game in Sukkur, in southern Pakistan."

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Oestrogenix "Go Fly Slow"

Oestrogenix "Go Fly Slow"

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Approves Pro LGBT Statement ~ Vote on Hiring LGBT Clergy Friday!

By Kelli Busey/planetransgender

In a close vote the ELCA Assembly Adopts 'Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust'

The ELCA approved a Statement on human sexuality that is being celebrated Interdenominationally as a leap towards positive inclusion of all people in faith. The statement is intended to guide the Lutheran Church in America. An excerpt from the 34 page statement reads....."this church also will attend to the need for equal protection, equal opportunities and equal responsibilities under the law, and just treatment for those with varied sexual orientation and gender identity."

"Wednesday’s vote sets the stage for a bigger debate Friday, when delegates will discuss a proposal that would allow ELCA congregations to hire people in committed same-sex relationships as clergy."

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Lexie Cannes Exciting Transgender Positive Indie Film

Lexie Cannes" is a COMPLETED indie feature film that is part romance, part mystery, part social statement and nearly always a complex exploration of a transgendered woman's relationship to the world that surrounds her.
Filmed with a dizzying array of imagery, emotions, and dialogue, "Lexie Cannes" promises to be a great artistic contribution to our TG community. Spread the word about this film! Thank you!

-Richard Propes, The Independent Critic Reviewer". . ."Lexie Cannes" is a uniquely written and photographed film that almost taunts the audience with a dizzying array of imagery, emotions, dialogue (mostly spoken in American Sign Language) and grainy, mind-altering cinematography . . ."

-Brian Morton, Rogue Cinema Reviewer"Lexie Cannes looks amazing, Lexie is deaf, so the movie is told from the perspective of a deaf person, which is a very interesting point of view, there is sound in the movie, but when the characters speak, it's largely with sign language and is subtitled. The story is a good one . . ."

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