Youth Homeless Shelters Dallas Texas

Emergency shelter addresses and contact numbers for agencies that will help in Dallas Texas. It's going to be really cold baby, so get your butts inside. Please.
Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (located at The Bridge)http://www.mdhadallas.org/default.aspx1818 Corsicana, Dallas Texas 75201 . Tel: 214 670 1100

Austin Street Shelter2929 HickoryTel: 214 428 4242

The Family PlaceVictims of Domestic ViolenceTel: 214 941 1991

Dallas Life Foundation1100 CadizTel: 214 421 1380

The Salvation Army5302 Harry Hines Blvd.Tel: 214 424 7000

Family Gateway (Family Shelter)711 S. St. PaulTel: 214 741 6515 ext. 101

Union Gospel3211 Irving Blvd.Men: 214 637 6117Women & Children: 214 638 2988

Promise House224 W. Page24HR: 214 941 8578Youth Shelter Ages 10-17Transitional Housing Ages 18 – 21

YMCA Casa Shelter 24HR Tel: 214 358 4504Youth Shelter Ages 10-17

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