Former AG Albert Gonzales unsure if he was first transgender appointee

Stephen Colbert, pictured right cross dressed in the very cheap camel hair blond wig, grilled former attorney general Alberto Gonzales on his own gender expression after learning the goverment was "unsure" if Amanda Simpson was in fact the first federal transgender appointee.

OK, this is funny. Colbert is a equal opportunity disrespecter. He equally disregards peoples dignity regardless of race, age, disability, ethnic background, sexual orientation and gender expression.

Utah Legislator Christine Johnson Carrying Gay Couples Love Child

This story is what we are all about. Love.

After experiencing frustration at not being allowed to adopt and the prohibitively expensive surrogate option a gay couple from Salt Lake City was offered by a friend to be their surrogate mother, at no cost other than those assoiated with child birth.

That this woman is part of the greater LGBT community warms my heart, but that she is a Legislator from Utah makes this story a heart warming testament to our humanity.

Source Salt Lake Tribune: "I can very much empathize with their desire to become parents and share their lives with and open their hearts to a child," Johnson says. "I'm immeasurably grateful to be a mother."

She also plans to be an "aunt" to her soon-to-be newborn, who will be her biological son or daughter. "The child will know I'm its mother," Johnson says, "and it was created with the intent of being loved by many people." Read the full story The Salt Lake Tribune

Love makes a family and life is good.

kelli anne Busey

Sarah Luiz first transgender uterine transplant candidate

Today a one stop surgery can allow a transgender woman to physically become complete with the conversion of a penis to a vagina, well almost complete.

Sarah Luiz of the colony in north Texas is being considered among other woman to be the first human to receive a uterine transplant. Sarah, like many transgender woman, find there lives spiritually wanting for a child from their own womb.

Evidently this procedure is on the near horizon. There remains issues of organ rejection as in all transplants, but this operation would allow a person who was originally born with a penis to bear childern.

Cue the religious right hysteria!

H/T Dallas Voice


Join us! at our annual conference, this year in historic Albany, capital of New York State. The Empire Conference will run from Thursday through Saturday, May 20 – May 22, 2010. Three jam-packed days with speakers and workshops exploring the transgender experience in all its variety, from trans-theory to trans-practicalities. TransEvents usa.org

There will also be special evening entertainment, area outings, and pre-conference activities for those who can come early. Most of all, we'll experience the warmth our gatherings always generate, as we renew old friendships and form new ones.
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We'll be at the Crowne Plaza in the historic section of downtown Albany, where nightlife abounds! Save the cab fare — fabulous fine dining, local pubs, and entertainment clubs are all within easy walking distance. Historic landmarks, incredible architecture, numerous museums, shopping, and fabulous parks are all in the area; and the beautiful Hudson River is only two blocks from our door! Could there be better backgrounds for photo opportunities? Discover Albany! More reasons to come early to the Empire Conference. »

This year we are partnering with the Capital District LGBT Community Council, which celebrates its fortieth anniversary just two weeks after the conference. They are developing several programs, especially ones concerning trans-youth and Female to Male trans people; and are also organizing many social activities (think picnics, restaurant tours and club crawls...) for our enjoyment.

Come join us for this important, educational, and entertaining conference. Meet old friends and make some new ones.
Mona Mason,
Conference Coordinator monaraemason@yahoo.com
TransEvents usa.org

Equality Florida Mourns the Loss of Denise King

Equality Florida Blog: Equality Florida Mourns the Loss of Denise King mother of murdered 17-year-old transgender teen Simmie Williams, died of a heart attack Thursday night.

"Since her son's death, Mrs. King "brought the conversation of love, acceptance and compassion into a community where black [gays and lesbians] are invisible," said Michael Emanuel Rajner, a co-founder of Transgender Equality Rights Initiatives, who became a family friend after the murder."

"The night of her son's viewing, she left early because she had gotten a call from someone that evening that there was a youth, about 16, thrown out of his home because he was openly gay," Rajner said.

"Denise, not even knowing the child's name, hit the streets with her car up and down Sistrunk looking for this child. She would take them in. Her home became this safe haven for people to run. In her pain she was moved to make certain no child was turned away."

Full story at Equality Florida Blog: Equality Florida Mourns the Loss of Denise King