DART Questioned over unethical treatment of Transgender employee

DART embroiled in controversy over it's involvement in the Ms T DART discrimination issue. At the center of the conversation is a request by the LGBT community that DART amend it's discrimination policy to include gender expression.

Read the latest on the Dallas Voice article DART asked to add trans protections

Call CW Network: Object to the word Tranny used as a insult

High Society Trailer - Real Look. Series Premiere Wednesday, March 10 uses the N word and tranny because they are "princess" and they can do what ever they want.

Please call the CW network and ask to speak to "Dawn Ostroff" and tell her you're offended with them using the derogatory slur "tranny" as an insult in the trailer for the upcoming show "High Society"

Good news! According to Queerty The CW network has pulled the offending trailer after receiving feedback from the GLBT community condemning the racist innuendos and transphobic slurs.