Texas A+M Lecture ‘Gender Identity Issues and Workplace Discrimination: The Transgender Experience’

A&M-Central Texas Lecture Highlights Gender Identity Issues and Workplace Discrimination

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April 1, 2010

A&M-Central Texas Lecture Highlights Gender Identity Issues and Workplace Discrimination

Killeen, TEXAS—Texas A&M University-Central Texas Assistant Professor of Sociology, Dr. Michelle Dietert, will conduct her presentation of ‘Gender Identity Issues and Workplace Discrimination: The Transgender Experience’ on April 8, 2010 from 6­­–7:30p.m. in Warrior Hall.

Dr. Dietert will share her presentation and research with A&M-Central Texas before it becomes published in the Journal of Workplace Rights. The lecture will include an introduction to the social issue, the literature, methods, data (actual words collected from some of the participants), and a question answer session with the audience.

The focus of Dr. Dietert’s abstract is how mainstream social constructions of gender tend to demand conformity by adhering to only two choices of gender identity, male and female. Transgender individuals transgress this binary conception of gender by deviating from societal gender norms associated with assigned sex at birth. Using a combination of face-to-face and phone interviews to collect data, twenty-six interviews were conducted with male-identified transgender individuals aged 18 to 57 from throughout the United States. All participants were born female-bodied but eventually expressed gender traits that align with male identity rather than female identity. Participants were recruited using purposive and snowball sampling techniques. Our findings reveal the workplace experiences of a sample of female to male (FTM) individuals and provide accounts of how male-identified transgender individuals negotiate their gender identities within the workplace and deal with issues that arise as a result.

Dr. Dietert states, “I think the TAMU-CT faculty, students, staff, and community can learn a great deal about a social group that is not often talked about, namely transgender female-to-male individuals.” She continues, “This population faces a great deal of discrimination in all areas of their lives, including in the workplace. They often cannot find employment or are fired from their current jobs for being transgender.”

The presentation will take place at A&M-Central Texas North Campus in Warrior Hall (701 Whitlow Drive Killeen, TX 76541). For more information please contact Dr. Michelle Dietert at DIETERT@tarleton.edu

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A&M-Central Texas Lecture Highlights Gender Identity Issues and Workplace Discrimination

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