OHIO climbing Equality Pinnacle. What are you afraid of Senator Harris?

What are you afraid of Senator Harris?

Back on September 15, 2009, the Ohio House of Representatives with a bipartisan vote of 56-39, passed the Equal Housing and Employment Act (HB 176). Since then, Senate President Bill Harris has refused to send HB 176 to a committee in the Senate for FULL hearings and to be called for a VOTE in committee and on the Senate Floor. The Equal Housing and Employment Act (HB 176) would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state's civil rights laws, giving people who are discriminated against in employment, housing and public accommodation based solely on their sexual orientation or gender identity some recourse through the Ohio Civil Rights Commission or through the courts.

What are you afraid of, Senator Harris? Are you afraid that the time is right for all Ohioans to be protected from discrimination? Are you afraid that there is enough support to pass HB 176? Otherwise, why not let the issue be debated in the Senate? ~Equality Ohio Facebook

Please call your Senator and ask her/him to urge Senator Harris to give HB 176 full hearings, so the issue of ongoing discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity can be fully debated in the Ohio Senate.

You can reach your state senator by calling 800-282-0253 or Click Here for the directory.

Trans Ohio.org

TransPanic in San Antonio. Another beaten transgender woman to blame?

My comment at Ken5.com

Another skewed Texas news report parroting wording that infers curability on the transgender victim and suggests the one who committed violence was somehow justified since he 'snapped' after learning that the person was transgender.

You further denigrated her position when you made a point that she was 'begging' at a stranger's door for help!

WTF. That is what victims do EVERWHERE anytime they recover enough of there senses after being beaten and left for dead. That is what the Ken5 writers would do.

Who's account is Ken5.com and the police using as irrefutable fact? The criminal assailant? It certainly was not the victims.

Most of the time the attacker had already performed sex with the victim and as a way of escaping peer condemnation, expunging there conscience and repairing there egos beat the transgender victim. More often than not they are gang members who attack transgender sexual partners in order to avoid a beat out by fellow gang members.

As despicable as the assailant was this news channel found a lower level as they painted him as a unwitting dupe.

You can change social mores by commenting at Kens5.com. The victims story must be told fairly and impartially.