Cathy Brennan EQMD Shill thinks Transsexuals are "Weirdos"

One of the star witness for Equality Maryland as it wages a relentless war against the Maryland transgender community Cathy Brennan sent me this message on Facebook. Banning someone is my last choice but it seems calling transgender people weirdo is Cathy's first choice. And she is testifying on behalf of equality Maryland for HB235.

Brennan, bigots and haters come in all shapes and sexual orentation. Even cisgender lesbian Shills. Just saying.

Kim Petras youngest "Sex Change" Girl ROCKs THE HOUSE!

Ms Kim rockte die Welt, nachdem er die j├╝ngste Person, die sexuelle reisignment Chirurgie jetzt komplett Felsen wieder verwenden!


"Man Dressed Like a woman" Dragged to Death in Arkansas

Rest In Peace Ms Tye.

Another transwoman of color murdered in Akansas.

This problematic headline was quickly corrected by WREG-TV after being alerted to there error thanks to our incredible ally Laura Phillips mother of Will Phillips who at 10 years old refused to say the pledge of allegiance until ALL people were treated as equal.


This is my plea, trans peeps please do not use drugs. Nearly every transgender murder has connections to drug use especially in connection to murders of trans people of color. Drugs lead you to places like the one where Ms. Tye was murdered, alone without hope leaving her mother and family and friends without her.

Please take it from someone who was there.