MUMC: Trans Flag Will Never Fly At Havey Milk Plaza. Not Even For The TDOR

We Win! The Trans Flag WILL Fly This TDOR at The Harvey Milk Plaza! 

From Veronika Fimbres  and as reported by the Castro Biscuit:

Obctober 15th: "We have won! MUMC will fly our Flag on the Transgender Day of Remembrance! It would not have taken place without your signatures and support from all around the world! With your help we had 1,009 signatures to support my cause! You are incredible! It just goes to show, when it gets down to community and and unfair issue, that the community will stand with you strong and firm! We did it! Thank you so very much for making this happen! Love and peace to you all!

This is a win. A win for all LGBTQI people. Every step forward by your trans community is leap forward for our allies!
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Normally, without exception the Gay rainbow claims its rightful spot atop Harvey Milk Plaza.

But this past Presidents Day weekend the Bear 2.0 Flag flew proudly in it's stead. To the casual observer, like myself, this change in flags might go unnoticed, even welcomed as Bears have always been one of transgender peoples greatest allies, but there's more to the story. Much more.

The  Merchants of Upper Market and Castro (MUMC) who have control of the flag pole denied a request this year from local trans resident Veronika Fimbres to fly the  Transgender Flag on the TDOR just days after  the MUMC broke their new rainbow only policy by flying the Bear flag at Harvey Milk Plaza.

It's not a matter of principle, vanity or pride. It is a matter of respect for a valued allies dead and it only takes one day to show us you really care. Like the MUMC's own web page states we are LGBT people. The flag pole at Harvey Milk Plaza should be flying the transgender flag on the TDOR. 

If you also find this  exclusionary flag policy troubling you can:
Sign Veronika Fimbres petition "Demand that MUMC fly the Transgender Flag on the Transgender Day of Remembrance! "
and you can contact the MUMC directly
Phone: 415 - 835 - 8720
Email:: :info@castromerchants.com
or use their web contact form