Equality Maryland's Obscene malfeasance : Seats Under The Table

The article by Owen Smith Field Organizer for Gender Equality Issues at Equality Maryland titled Seats at the table seems conciliatory recognizing the organizations agenda of exclusion of transgender voices but it remains to be seen if any true changes have taken place, becuse too many of us can not communicate with Equality Maryland.

I along with many vocal opponents who dealt the death knell to HB235 which EQMD last year tried to ramrod down our throats remain blocked from commenting on the EQMD Facebook page. And according to Dana Beyer GRMD board member, that will not change.

But as it turns out I was able to comment on this Equality Maryland fundraiser. A Drag show of all things. So I posted this comment which ellisited a response from one of equality Marylands members...While I do appreciate him saying "please" I won't remove it because you don't "like" that I oppose the sexualization and objectification of gender.

I always like to learn a little about whom I am dealing with and found this on his wall...

And found I do not appreciate his sexist crude misogynistic sense of humor.

Reading further into the Baltimore Outhouse article...

.....even more nefarious is this attempted assimilation by the Task Force of the remaining outspoken opponents of a future state transgender bill without public accommodations, and all under the guise of "education". Its only been a year since the task force joined with HRC and the Gill Fund's attempted obliteration of our opposition to Equality Marylands tyrannical behaviour by helping to obfuscate the truth.

The Baltimore Outloud article would be a step in the right direction if they were to be truly stepping in tune with transgender inclusion. Until then its just another invitation to sit under the bus.

Pitt University Demands Medical History before Trans can Use the Correct Restroom

Pittsburgh University just announced a "clarification" of how it intends to deal with transgender peoples use of restroom in thr future. Before the announcement the university said it's unwritten policy considered transgender restroom access on a 'case by case basis".

The new policy contrary to city ordinance and the universities own non discrimination policy singles out a minority, reveals their medical history and in process puts them at risk of discrimination and even violence.

I made this video in Arlington Texas and am not a Pitt student. Early in my transition I tried to attend dental school but the discrimination I encountered was so fierce I dropped out and like Pitt, it all revolved around bathroom use. By placing myself in the Pitt students position I spoke as a transgender person facing this catastrophe.

Even though the Pitt non discrimination policy include transgender people the university has enacted a rule that not only discriminates, it intimidates and jeopardizes the lives of our minority.

Take Action!! Tell Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg who wrong this policy is by calling the Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs Robert Hill at 412-624-4147.