Bloody Rock: Brazilian Trans Woman Stoned To Death

This day and age you might expect death by stoning to belong to a bygone era, but for transgender and transsexuals in some parts of the world that sort of brutality is almost an everyday occurrence.

In fact, we would be fooling ourselves to think we are safe from that bloody rock anywhere in the world.

Just a few days ago transgender woman Janette Tovar  who lived  only 30 miles from my home in Dallas was stoned to death.

The image is gruesome but is it excessive? No because once I too lay on top of a rock just like that near death.

Source: September 24th 2012 Infonet: "The transvestite Amos Chagas Lima, 39, one of the most popular and well known of Aracaju, who earned the nickname of Madonna, was killed with blows of parallelepiped (the) crime occurred in the early hours of last Friday, 19, in downtown Aracaju."

She didn't die right away but suffered for days having just passed on.

I want to write this post with cisgender people in mind. I want you to understand the realities of being trans. We are murdered almost daily worldwide, just for our gender expression. In fact Keila Simpson, president of the National Counsel to Combat Discrimination of the Secretary of Human Rights to the President of Brazil told Gay Star News her country has suffered 100 transgender murders since January of this year.

This is why we fight so hard against being marginalized, and defamed regardless of who, what, when or where. We are never far from the Rock. I know.

18/05/2010 - Keila Simpson, vice-presidente da ABGLT, emociona platéia presente ao seminário "Direitos Humanos de LGBT: cenários e perspectivas", no auditório Nereu Ramos, na Câmara dos Deputados. O texto que ela leu - "História de todas nós" - de Rafael Menezes está disponível no site da Comissão de Direitos Humanos e Minorias: www.camara.gov.br/cdh

18/05/2010 - Keila Simpson, vice president of ABGLT, wows audience at this seminar "Human Rights of LGBT: scenarios and perspectives," in the auditorium Ramos Nereus, the House of Representatives. The text she read - "History of us all" - Rafael Menezes is available on the website of the Commission on Human Rights and Minorities: www.camara.gov.br/cdh

Trevor Ashley Changes "trAnnie" to "trAshley" Christmas Tradition to Trash Trans Children

Drag Queen Trevor Ashley

Trevor Ashley, a Australian gay actor wrote the pantomime "trAnnie" . He planned to star in it but was forced according to the Daily Telegraph to change the title not because of the worldwide condemnation he received, but because of a threatened Copyright infringement lawsuit.

But looking at the other changes he made to the problematic plot its obvious he felt the heat but you wouldn't know that by the why he laughed it up Sept 26th on this Channel 9 Interview.

Some trans, allies and other people of social conscious on Twitter naturally assumed he had a change of heart and are expecting an accompanying sorry, didn't know 'tranny was bad' from Trevor Ashley.

Waiting for an apology from him would be like looking looking up at an attacker expecting him to lend you a hand up after he beat you down.

The new title 'trAshley', a thinly disguised aberration of 'trAnnie' will most likely be defended by him as it resembles his name, but it's a thin disguise at best. The intent remains the same, making mockery of transgender Children at Christmas a tradition for his profit and fun.

The original synopsis in a nut shell: A orphan transgender child abandoned by his/her parents is desperate for a sex change will do what ever it takes to please her/his convicted paedophile transgender care givers including secret performances for a demented older man in order to get money or his/her sex change.

The new plot:
"Ten-year-old little orphan Fannie (Trevor Ashley), has a terrible secret... one that she can’t even share with her inmates at the Sutherland Shire Girl’s Orphanage, let alone the boozy matron who runs the place: the evil Miss Trannigan (Rhonda Burchmore). The truth is: Fannie is not yet all woman. But, to get her gender-reassignment surgery, she’ll have to find her true birth parents to get their permission.

Lucky for Fannie, she meets acclaimed photographer / multi-millionaire Daddy Warlow (Gary Sweet) who promises to sponsor her! But can she survive a rigorous set of blind auditions, a very “arty” photo shoot and an appearance on evil talk-back radio personality Ellen Jones’ show before she finds her parents?

To make her wish come true, Fannie may need more than just her trusty ex-sniffer dog Bullshit (Rhys Bobridge)… she may need a Christmas miracle!

Featuring songs, audience participation, and more parody than you can poke a stick at, this brand new adults-only panto will have you in fits of laughter... and have you wishing that you too could be adopted by a sexy bald millionaire.
There are two significant changes to the plot. One "sex Change" has been changed to "gender reassignment surgery". You do NOT change ones gender with surgery! This is so indicative of the ignorance of the writers but worst, it will perpetuate that misunderstanding.

"Tranny" remains critical to luring his audience of transphobes, cisgender and gay alike, as evidenced by the retention of the name Miss Trannigan.

Billing this problematical confusion generating play as "adult only" would have flown before the Internet but if anyone was to claim the damaging stigmatization was contained to the stage to adults now, would be lying.

The only real positive concessions made was the removal pedophilia from the plot and not calling a trans child a "he/she".

What remains is worst.

There is nothing terrible about being transgender and there is nothing wrong about not having had or not wishing to have sexual reassignment surgery. Having original plumbing is always central to the bathroom meme transphobes use when spreading awful lies to fight our social progress.

And Ashley, you are only helping them to deny us the lives we deserve.

Ashly, what is it with your obvious disdain of transgender children you can not accept them as human? Greed? What is it about our youth that makes you think you can prey on them? What makes you so uncaring you would add pain to their little hearts on Christmas of all times? An insatiable desire for fame?

Trevor Ashley you are a child predator. You are killing transgender children with this. Our Transgender Children are NOT TRASH. Not in a pantomime, not anywhere.