"True The Vote" Training THUGS to Target Trans As Fraudulent Voters

The image to the left was distributed as a teaching aid to "True The Vote" poll watchers thugs who were instructed to be on the look out something that doesn't seem right....... nudge, nudge them transsexuals ya know ha ha snort gimme another beer partecting OurMerica makes me thursty burrrp.

According to Mara Keilsing,  NCTE Executive Director “It is disgraceful that True the Vote would try to thug anyone into not voting. True the Vote’s true agenda is a shameful attempt to scare trans people away from participating in our democracy.”

In case you are challenged, be prepared by bringing NCTE’s “Voting While Trans Checklist” with you when you vote. The Checklist includes a message from NCTE to poll workers clarifying possible questions they may have about your identification.

If a poll worker or poll watcher attempts to deny you a ballot, call the National Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) immediately.

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ABC's "Hit and Miss" Dumps On Transgender Again. But This Time It's Our Moms They Attack.

It takes contemptuous awareness of a minorities sensitivities to do the damage ABC tried to do with Work it and continues to do with Hit and Miss down under.

And it keeps getting worst by the episode.

From Australian Broadcasting Cooperation, ABC2, more pain.

Episode Synopsis
Episode 2 9:30pm Monday, November 12 2012:
"Riley (Karla Crome) reluctantly agrees for Mia (Chloe Sevigny) to take Leonie (Roma Christensen) to a ballet class. Surrounded by real mothers Mia feels out of place."

My take on episode 2....Of course Mia would feel out of place, maybe even embarrassed to have her worthlessness exposed so vividly. How could she, a pre operative transgender pretender ever live up to the standards set by real mothers, dick or no dick?

Supposing we yank Chloe and put in someone else...

Episode 2
Riley (Karla Crome) reluctantly agrees for Mia (Michell Obama) to take Leonie (Roma Christensen) to a ballet class. Surrounded by real mothers Mia feels out of place.

My take on the rewritten Episode 2? Of course Mia would feel out of place, maybe even embarrassed to have her worthlessness exposed so vividly. How could she, a black woman pretend ever to live up to the standards set by white mothers?

The second scenarios not entertaining, amusing or even acceptable. Why? Because black people would burn your pathetic little ABC house down, that's why.

I think we should burn your pathetic little ABC house down for doing what you are to transgender people.

We are human beings of equal worth regardless of our plumbing just as cisgender people are. Treat us as such. Period.

You can convey your love of our moms to the Australian Broadcasting Cooperation using their contact form by clicking here.

The Australian Anti-Discrimination Board isn't taking any more complaints blaming it on a 'lack of resources. That's news to me. They were before when we recently complained to them about Tevor Ashley's play titled "trAnnie" which was subsequently appropriately retitled  "trAshley".

Dar Williams "When I was A Boy"

I won’t forget when Peter Pan came to my house, took my hand

I said I was a boy; I’m glad he didn’t check.

I learned to fly, I learned to fight

I lived a whole life in one night

We saved each other’s lives out on the pirate’s deck.

And I remember that night

When I’m leaving a late night with some friends

And I hear somebody tell me it’s not safe,

someone should help me

I need to find a nice man to walk me home.

When I was a boy, I scared the pants off of my mom,

Climbed what I could climb upon

And I don’t know how I survived,

I guess I knew the tricks that all boys knew.

And you can walk me home, but I was a boy, too.

I was a kid that you would like, just a small boy on her bike

Riding topless, yeah, I never cared who saw.

My neighbor came outside to say, “Get your shirt,”

I said “No way, it’s the last time I’m not breaking any law.”

And now I’m in this clothing store, and the signs say less is more

More that’s tight means more to see, more for them, not more for me

That can’t help me climb a tree in ten seconds flat

When I was a boy, See that picture? That was me

Grass-stained shirt and dusty knees

And I know things have gotta change,

They got pills to sell, they’ve got implants to put in,

they’ve got implants to remove

But I am not forgetting…that I was a boy too

And like the woods where I would creep, it’s a secret I can keep

Except when I’m tired, ‘cept when I’m being caught off guard

And I’ve had a lonesome awful day, the conversation finds its way

To catching fire-flies out in the backyard.

And so I tell the man I’m with about the other life I lived

And I say, “Now you’re top gun, I have lost and you have won”

And he says, “Oh no, no, can’t you see

When I was a girl, my mom and I we always talked

And I picked flowers everywhere that I walked.

And I could always cry, now even when I’m alone I seldom do

And I have lost some kindness

But I was a girl too.

And you were just like me, and I was just like you”
By Dar Williams