Trans bloggers and Other People of Good Will: You are Being Hijacked

Who would stoop to that level to intentionally misdirect and misinform with hateful lies?

Radscum. Filthy dirty filthy low life nasty hateful radscum.

I was playing with the idea of buying a domain for this blog and found that it was unavailable because it was already registered. The scum have registered planetransgender.com pointing everyone who searches for this blog using that domain to their wordpress hell hole! Those are some dirt bags for sure. Googling "planetransgender.com" you end on rad scum central. Just a heads up to other trans folk and other people of good will.

You might want to check this out. The scum might be hijacking you too.

ESPN Radio 980 Suspends Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin

ESPN 980 (Washington, D.C.) radio hosts Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin suspended for their transphobic tirades berating transgender basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig.

The radio station belatedly took action following the outrage expressed by you and I.

The following message was posted on the ESPN 980 Facebook wall:

Many including myself felt the appropriate response would have been to fire these two after there second rant thinly discussed as an apology.

However the independently owned and operated sports radio station felt a suspension was fitting.  Awful Announcing brought up the point firing could and probably would have, in all fairness, inhibited future discussions about transgender people (transgender people's rights?).

This begs the question, what if that bigoted rant were focused at a black person? People of color are defined as a minority just as Gabrielle Ludwig is, would the station have felt a suspension an appropriate remedy then?

So what do you think?