#Catfish : When A Cis Lesbian Pretends To Be Like Me To Get a Date

So this cisgender woman, Ebony pretends to be a transsexual, sends pictures of someone else to a Rod and they meet. Was the Rod pissed? Yes! He thinks Ebony's gay and thought he was going to meet a transgender woman!

Wait!! Didn't Rod know the transgender person he was going to meet said she was a Male to female (MTF) trans woman? We aren't men! We are woman!

When Rod says in the end that he maybe gay curious, was he saving face by not admitting he's a Chaser?. Its a set up for a "Trans Panic" murder by a couple of lying cisgender people.

We put a end to "chasers" getting away with "Trans Panic" defense with the conviction of Allen Andrade who murdered Angie Zapata. The lies these two relied on are wrong but none more so than Ebony's transgender deception.