Colorado School District 8 Notches It Up saying Mathis Family Rejected Invitation To Talk

The Fountain-Fort Carson School District twisted over the negative media attention its receiving about discriminating against Coy, a six year old transgender girl, went on the offensive taking it up a notch hoping to play the victim card.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette "the District will respond to the Civil Rights Complaint filed by the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund which “will include its explanation as to why the district believed mediation would be unproductive in light of the parents’ refusal to meet, as well as their unwillingness to consider reasonable proposals offered by the district.”

"The family contends that they met in person in December with the principal of Eagleside Elementary School and also talked by phone with officials, said Michael Silverman, Defense Fund attorney."

"Silverman wrote a letter to the district on Dec. 26 asking that they reconsider the restroom issue, and their response was that there was nothing to talk about."

The school district has until March 17th to file the response.

Reality check.

They gave Coy three options for where to go to the bathroom; the boys' room, the staff bathroom with adults, or the nurse's bathroom which is used by sick children.

Coy is not sick, she is not an adult, and she is not a boy.

She's six years old you pompous self righteous transphobic asshats. She has to use the correct rest room just like all the other LGBT students in Colorado do or she will be ostracized by her classmates.

The School district broke the law by refusing Coy Mathis access to public facilities fitting her gender identity as mandated by state law.

Please support Coy and her family by signing there petition.

Iowa Judge Rules In Favor Of Transwoman and Against Bathroom Deputy

Jodie Jones complied with a Deputy's order to leave the ladies room in 2011. Ms. Jones tried to explain to the deputy that transgender people are covered in Iowa by state law in public accomidations but much to her astonishment and dismay was told by the dupety 'she didn't care about the law'.

Thirteen states (California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington) and the District of Columbia protect transgender people from discrimination in public accommodations. NCLR

Jones will sue if a public apology and settlement isn't obtained. It's a fairly safe bet law enforcement in Iowa is refreshing their knowledge of that law today.

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