About TERF's, MEMF MRE and RADFEM2013

Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist's or TERF who are making quite a spectical of themseves. Seems like a week doesn't pass without them distancing themseves further from true RadFems. It seems at times the TERF's pperate under the assumtion that she who yells the lousest and most is the most believable.

That simplistic approach would work if the TERF's didn't invalidate it everytime they speak. From a realitivly new blog "Sisterhood" about page: "This Blog’s Purpose
I am a radical feminist, a revolutionary feminist, a radicaldyke. This blog is part of the radical feminist online resistence to ensure feminism remains about the liberation of women."

The first post you will find like most others attempts to meld feminism with transphobia by conflating the trans agenda with MRE's (Mens Rights Extremist groups).

The first paragraph of "Sisterhood":" This post is intended to shed light on all that has happened, so far, to radfem2013. What has happened should be important to those on the radical left and all feminists everywhere – but thanks to alliances made between trans/queers with MRE‘s, it’s very difficult for us to be heard in the public domain without the distortions flooding our truths and drowning them out."

A quick perusal of Reddits r/MensRights will qickly debunk that fallacy. Asd a trans woman I have very little in common with there concerns but I respect their desire for equality. I am sure some trans men would more readily identify with those concerns expresed on that Reddit.

Quite honestly I had never even heard of "MRE's untill a couple of weeeks ago. I'm a retired solider. MRE's had always meant "Meals Ready to Eat" untill now.

But regardless of where we are under the umbrella, with a few exceptions, we are diamenticly opposed to the Mens rights groups agenda.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men's_rights_movement "Men's rights groups have formed in some European countries during periods of shifts toward conservatism and policies supporting traditional family and gender relations. In the United States, the men's rights movement has close ideological ties to neoconservatism. Men's rights activists have received lobbying support from conservative organizations and their arguments have been covered extensively in neoconservative media."

TERF's want to appeal to feminists. They envision themseelves as a 'radicals' fighting for womans rights. Most Radfems as it turns out, object to being lumped together with Radfems.

Việt Nam đồng tính sitcom trở thành "MY Best Gay Friends" Internet smash Hit With Transgender Actress Cindy Thai Tai

The you tube viral sensation "My Best Gay Friends" has taken Vietnam and the rest of the world by suprise quickly accumulating over 8 million views from April 2012 to April 2013. The series, a light hearted look at LGBT young peoples adventures and misadventures comes on the heels of a suprise announcement by the the country's authoritarian goverment last year announcing they were considering legalizing same sex marriages.

The actors are mainly gay and straight with one exception. Singer Cindy Thai Tai, the first known post operative Vietnamese transgender celebrity.

In episode nine a lesbian marriage is interrupted by the restaurateurs who complain
"The couple is female! This wedding goes against Vietnamese traditions and customs," the manager of a restaurant says as she forces the wedding party to leave the establishment. "They are violating the law."

Cindy Thai Tai protests, asking "so you think that the homosexuals have no rights to love and wed each other lawfully?" the manager quickly explains the establishment has no choice.

"Please madam, local authorities called us and forced us to cancel this wedding. If we go against the order we'll get a serious fine!" the manager adds.

The wedding is quickly moved to an alternative venue and goes ahead -- to the delight of the couple's friends and family present. mb.com
There are no subtitles, but they are not needed. love is universal and these emotions come through loud and clear.