Tippecanoe "Gender Bender Day" Flipped Some Neocons Canoes

Filed under news thats not new. Gender bender day, spirit day or whatever they called back when I was a student was a day during homecoming when football players dressed in really bad drag and spent a miserable day being gawked at. It didn't make any sense to most of us and made me feel unforgettable as well. I mean it was really pretty pitiful drag. But hey I figured what ever floats your boat.

Times have sure have changed.

Well, spirit day didn't float some people canoes this year in Tippecanoe. Milwaukee mother Deidri Hernandez told the right wing rag eag news it was 'creepy' and she wasn't going to send her child to 'transgender day'.

The Fox reporter said she didn't see 'many' kids that were cross dressed. And she knew that they were gender bending how? And they didn't show those kids, why?? It even appears the teachers were giving Fox a special show and they weren't even appreciative. Now that was a chorus line I'd do drag in!

I could offer this to those who's gender blinders sit so tight. Loosen up momma. Loosen up pops. There is no harm in gender bending for a day. It sure won't make your kids trans or gay just maybe a little more accepting.

MMA Fight Video: Fallon Fox Trans Empowering Win Over Allanna Jones.

Fallon Fox toughest battle to date moves her to 3-0 and one step closer to the UFC. But there was much more to this win than just another clean fight. Jones made this a dirty fight when she stepped into the ring.

I lost respect for Jones when entering the ring her corner played "Dude Looks Like a Lady". Was no blow was too low for Jones? That was a intentional transphobic hate mongering move pandering to those in the crowd who believe Fox shouldn't fight in the women's division, and there were plenty of them judging by the reactions to this video on You Tube. Or was she just making excuses for the forthcoming lose to a superior fighter?

Some of the You Tube comments were so bad they were most likely posted by TERFs who true to their cowardly modus operandi wouldn't miss an opportunity like that to anonymously ferment hate.

Undoubtedly Fox heard Jones's entrance theme too because during the fight the two seemed to dispense with customary good will glove touches a number of times. But in the Tap Out, much to Fox's credit, she only exerted enough pressure to let Jones know it was over.

Fox, a mother of one, is putting herself and her family out there in a way no other transgender woman would have dared before. She has made herself the symbol of transgender empowerment directly confronting misogynism, cisgenderism and transphobia in their last patriarchal sanctuary, the fight cage.

And for the record it's not 'gender reassignment' it's 'SEXUAL reassignment surgery'. You can not reassign gender, its hard wired, innate. I wish American men like the AXS TV announcers would be fearlessness enough to say sex. Sex sex, sex.

Fallon Fox won and is one step closer to the UFC. But its not for the money, yet anyways. She's also doing this, however inadvertently, for all transgender people because most MMA fighters only make enough of the sales from promoters to pay bills and many have regular day jobs.