North Carolina Transgender College student considering quitting due to death threats

Vishon Murphy a transgender student at Edgecombe Community College told WNCN that constant harassment, bullying and death threats have forced her to consider dropping out of school.

She said people have spit at her, thrown objects at her and have even made her run in fear for her safety. According to the colleges student handbook Ms Murphy has the right to a prompt investigation of the complaints she has made but she says that isn't happening.

Transgender people are being murdered st a rate of 50% higher than gays and lesbians even though we make up only 3% of the worlds population. And as a blogger I will attest black transgender woman make up the highest percentage of those murdered. We should be very curious to know why this institution of higher learning is allowing this murderous condition to continue on its campus.

Edgecombe Community College on facebook and on twitter @EdgecombeCC

Update: Edgecombe responds-

The facebook post on Edgecombe Community College facebook wall and the response:

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  • Judithe Frances Why is she getting death threats? What exactly is the Administration doing, to correct this?
  • Edgecombe Community College Edgecombe Community College does not tolerate harassment of any nature toward a student or any other member of the college community.

    The Student Code of Conduct in the Edgecombe Community College 2013-2014 Student Handbook clearly defines harassment 
    and its consequences. Any student found to have committed or to have attempted to commit misconduct including “verbal, physical, or psychological abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion, and/or other conduct, including but not limited to stalking or bullying, in person or by electronic means, which threatens bodily harm to self or another person or persons in the College community or endangers the health or safety of any person,” is subject to disciplinary sanctions, which may include suspension or expulsion.

    In compliance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the college may not disclose information regarding its students. In accordance with FERPA, we are able to confirm that Vishon Murphy is enrolled at Edgecombe Community College.

From sex worker to teacher a Turkish Trans woman is forced back to the streets

From sex worker to teacher to sex work Sinem Kuzucan kept her dream alive.

Trans woman Sinem Kuzucan knew she was different from the other students in high school and so did they. It was very bad but she persevered with the help of a math teacher.

"I finished high school with his help and I went to Istanbul. I worked as a sex worker in Istanbul for two years. You do not have any other choice as a runaway child. You don’t have any other example either, all trans people do this. This was 20 years ago, so there were no rights or any recognized organizations. Your existence or non-existence is barely noticed. It is a dead-end."

This was before the Internet so communication between trans people was limited to personal conversations and long before the world became aware of the inhuman conditions that the Turkish government forces on their transgender citizens.

After two years of living on the street Ms Kuzucan decided she had enough, cut her hair and was accepted to a university. But even with her attempts to physically conform to the gender binary her academic studies were difficult as it was apparent to students she was transgender. They would not sit with her at the lunch table.

Her teachers were even worse. Calling her weekly to meet and slamming the door in her face. Literally.

Eventually she graduated and was employed as a teacher but this was only the beginning of her struggles..

We are taught by society that there is either man or woman. In my teaching job, even though I am a trans person, I was forced to tell the same story about the nuclear family to my students. This is how it was taught to us as well. Egalitarian legal regulations are important for transforming these discriminative attitudes. If this society is in its current situation due to monotypic laws and regulations, then it can be transformed through new regulations. We should start with the law. When it comes to trans murders, they reduced penalties on the pretext of provocation for years. In the past, trans murderers would be sentenced to two years or they would not be punished at all. Now at least they are sentenced to fifteen years. As laws become more egalitarian, society will have to adapt with time. Temporal periods are never easy.

By reading her full heart wrenching yet inspiring story here you are committing a powerful act of advocacy. You are helping to bridge the link, making sure our Turkish trans family is no longer cut off from the world by linguistics, religions or governmental oppression.