Transgender LPGA golfer Bobbi Lancaster say she has an unfair advantage due to testosterone

Lancaster told USA Today playing in the LGPA would "even the playing field" because she would be up against younger more fit opponents.

She feels the LGPA policy allowing her to play against woman her age gives her a unfair advantage and she doesn't want to be seen as a "cheat" because of her pre transition life as a male.

She thinks the LPGA  rules should be 'revisited'.

Lancaster needs to be reminded that she is not the only trans woman who aspires to play in the LPGA or any other sport for that matter. Many trans athletes do not have the physical attributes she describes that she feels gives her an 'unfair' advantage.

Many younger transgender people haven't had testosterone or estrogen affect their bodies as they matured through adolescence due to elective puberty blocking drugs. They have been given the option to delay those affects and have gone on to live their lives without having a body that does not align with their true gender,

Talk about a narrative that fuels the transphobes engine. Speak for yourself Lancaster, please.

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