Transgender and Queer Questionnaire

Today we received an email from a Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church. I am sure Rev. Colleen Darraugh Lead Pastor MCC of Greater Dallas, did not expect any recognition for her efforts, only asking us to "pass it on" and "make it widely available". ( a little plug for ya church sister ;)

Please take a few moments and complete this lovely survey from our brothers and sisters at the the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force who have partnered with National Center for Transgender Equality and the Pennsylvania State University’s Center for the Study of Higher Education to collect and analyze this data.

You do not need to be trans to do it. You can be whomever you are and or aspire to be.....I'm kinda queer/trannie.....

This maybe the first only fully inclusive, non intrusive, totaly free, scholastically certifiable trans world, transuniversal transgender and gender queer questionnaire to have full access to the millions via the Internet! Wow. Not only are we filling in the squares to make cute designs, we are participating in history.

~kelli Busey

Don't Leave us behind

By Kelli Busey

The Orginal ENDA 2015 submitted in April of 2007 included laungage which afforded protection to
transgender people and GLB people regardless of how gay you are.Unfortunately it is of our opinion that political mistakes were made based on incorrect interpretation of
history and a skewed sense of political expediecy..Barney Frank is of the opinion that transgender people are new to the advocacy arena and therefor not to
be allowed to enjoy the same status as the rest of the GLB community.Transgender people have been in the forefront at the Compton Cafateria and Stone wall riots.The LBGT community has voiced it's discontent via UNITED ENDA's 7 million..

On 9/27/07 without advance warning Barney Frank intoduced HR(3585) which eliminated transgender
protection. With the exclusion of gender identity laungage it will be subjective depending on the
conception of the judge, what behavior falls within sexual preference or gender identity. Thereby
eliminating the person who on a given time acted too gay, in the judges opinion and the transgender
person from protection under the law.Glbtq people have themselves often criticized identity politics, particularly on the grounds that individuals
possess multifaceted identities and thus involvement in politics based on a single identity does not suffice
On 9/27/07 Barney Frank submitted HR(3586) which has gender only protection launguageTime has shown that incremental steps when applied to a group i.e. shades of black, only serves to
weaken the validty of the entire concept and promote discord and disunity.Time has also shown that if a small portion of a group is sacrificed on the premise that they will be returned
for, then this fails to happen as the motovation to do so is not present.
Therefore It is our goal to allow the protections of ENDA to extend to the entire community.This goal is the wish of UNITED ENDA comprising 368 National, State and Local groups and 171 house
representitives.We emplore you to contact your orginization represenitives and political leaders and lend them your
wisdom. Let us welcome our entire LGBTIQ community at the finish line, together the truth will win