Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria

"We were fighting for our rights. Not as gay people but for our individual freedom."

We were selling our bodies to stay alive one more day

A new identity emerged "Transexual" and hope for a normal life.

The possibilities and reality of change!

We willingly stand on the corner, be it one or a thousand, without fear, to fight for our right to be FULLY recognized in 2008 as EQUAL in the "Human Rights Campaign".

We are still fighting for our rights. Not as GAY people but for our individual freedom. We will NOT disgrace the ones who came before. We will NOT be left behind.

Kelli Busey
October 5, 2008

RI schools required to teach about dating violence

In a article By ERIC TUCKER, Associated Pres titled "RI schools required to teach about dating violence" Ann Burke (pictured right) saw signs of trouble with her daughter's boyfriend.

"He'd incessantly call her at night, keep her from her family, and, ultimately, physically abuse her during a tumultuous relationship that ended with her death three years ago."

Burke's 23-year-old daughter, Lindsay, may not have understood the dynamics of an abusive relationship, but her death is helping to ensure that other young people do.
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This law has no boundaries as to gender presentation, sexual affinity, religious or enthic background. Its enactment could unite all concerned in a effort to stem the increase in horrific violence and murder that is taking our youth.