Trans Activists Protest HRC Dinner

Edge Boston A group of thirty protestors marched outside the Human Rights Campaign’s annual New England Gala Dinner Saturday to show their disapproval of HRC’s position on transgender inclusion in ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act).

Outside the Sheraton Hotel where the dinner was held, the protesters shouted slogans such as: "The HRC doesn’t represent me. We want trans equality." The protestors, some trans, some supporters, marched on the sidewalk while clutching their signs: "HRC = Betrayal," "I May Be Trans But I’m Human Too."

The national office of HRC has been the subject of criticism lately due to their unpopular stance in support of an ENDA bill protecting only sexual orientation and omitting gender identity. Frank was instrumental in splitting the original, trans-inclusive ENDA bill into two bills, the second omitting gender identity.

"They abandoned us," said one protestor. "When Barney Frank split the bill and the HRC came out in support of it, they just left us behind. The HRC doesn’t represent me."

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Genetics linked to transsexuality: study

Just in from Austrarlia's Prince Henry's Institute where the nature versus nurture debate rages on but a new study of transsexuals has shown genetics plays a key role in determining our sense of gender.

In the largest genetic study of its kind, 112 male-to-female transsexuals took part in a study involving several Melbourne research bodies and the University of California, Los Angeles.

Researchers measured the variation in the androgen receptor gene, which is involved in the functioning of the sex hormone testosterone.

DNA samples from the transsexuals were compared with the samples from 250 typical men.

Researchers discovered the transsexuals were more likely than non-transsexuals to have a longer form of the gene.

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Harvard Business Review to study gender transition

Over at the Bilerico project Dr. Jillian T. Weiss has a fascinating article addressing gender transition in the workplace. How did your employer react when you announced that you were planning a gender transition? How were you treated after you transition was well into effect. Do you beleive in hindsight that you respected co-employees sensitivities in a way that avoided causing turmoil? Are you being treated now consumerate with your expertise? Does your income reflect your value?