Lez get Real in California Defending our Freedom

How can I express my admiration and pride in our family.

Defend Equality Los Angeles 11.15.08 from p.Johanna on Vimeo.

Found on our sisters blog Lez Get Real is an account by p.Johanna of the time she withstood unimageable verbal assault after volunteering to stand duty to form a human barrier between human rights activists and a line of haters,

"Those of us that had volunteered to stand in front of them immediately got into place. I want you guys to imagine standing in the sun and listening to these idiots talking and screaming through a bull horn: "GOD HATES YOU!" "READ THE BIBLE"! "JESUS IS COMING!" "YOU LOST, GET OVER IT!" "THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!" "WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, YOU ARE LOSERS!" and more crap that was vulgar and despicable."

Equality Warriors Stand Tall in the face of hate and bigotry. Not only GLBT people are outraged Straights Against Hate find this situation intolerable.

This Unfair Unjust afront to human dignity will NOT stand.

It is being taken to task by Lambda Legal and the ACLU's combined efforts.

Human Rights Activists Protest First Baptist 11.16.08

Vid courtesy of KNON

Stand Firm : "Bishop Robinson to meet with Dallas Transgender Advocates

By Kelli Busey
November 18, 2008

"Stand Firm" is a Internet publisher of "Traditional Anglicism in America", host to Episcopalian Church web sites and location of interviews with The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker Bishop of the Episcopalian Diocese of Fort Worth which voted November 15, 2008 to realign with the Argentineans Southern Cone, becoming the fourth such "traditional" diocese to do so in a long-running debate over gay relationships and other Issues.

In a recently published "Stand Firm" article Gene Robinson to Meet With Dallas Transgender Activists the lead paragraph linked this blogs press release announcing the progressive event "Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies Wellcome Bishop Robinson" to language I have the unpleasant duty to edit when it appears on my blog.

These disrespectful and hateful comments by the "Stand Firm" readers have been left unedited and intact in close proximity to the the interview of Bishop Iker.


"Don’t give me links like that anymore! Geesh.... Had to look at strangely dressed women(?) and see a headline for queer news before I could get out. WARN ME.
I wasn’t ready to “bravely step forward” like Gene.... "]

"If Robinson is not a real Bishop as many would argue then no “border crossing” occured. To argue that a “border crossing” occured is to argue that Robinson IS a bishop which we all know is silly. He is just some low hanging fruit."

"And what’s absolutely amazing to me is that homosexuals and transgender folks actually consider themselves normal."


Kelli's note. "Stand Firm" stands alone.