We can show President elect Obama and the world we are serious in our commitment by signing this http://action.humanrightsfirst.org/campaign/hrf_post_elec letter to the world.

Dear World,

We have a new President, and we have hope. But we know that with hope comes immense responsibility.

The problems our new President has inherited are profound, and his job will be huge. I'm writing to tell you that we're here to help. As people of the United States, we are ready to do what it takes to heal the wounds of the last eight years and regain the trust of the world.

I know that will start with doing our part to right some of our own human rights abuses in the world. So today I am pledging to do all I can to support President Obama, Congress and all of our leaders to accomplish four critical actions to restore your trust:

* Close Guantanamo Bay

* Protect Iraqi refugees

* Stop the flow of arms to Darfur

* End the torture of prisoners in U.S. custody

We've come this far and now we have a President committed to right these wrongs. But, we know he can't do it alone. Our work has only just begun. We're ready to do our part, as long as it takes.

Bash Back Radical Queer Agenda

A group called "Bash Back" has gained national attention after performing a act of social awakening in response to "Traditional Church's" unrelenting hate mongering. It is well known that the dogma espoused by "Traditional Churches" targeting Queer folk results in violence and deaths by beatings, burnings, striping and hanging on barb wire ect, ect, ect.

This video produced and distributed by some right wing nutz although highly misrepresentative of Queer concerns is featured with some pride on BB's web page.

In the begining of this video is the disruption then Bill Oreilly pounces on the occasion to incorrectly link the Sisters, babies, Gay marriage and queer/Trans folk together.

No Bill, most Trans and Queer folk are nearly totally disenfranchised from the mainstream religious Churches thanks to HRC, Barney Frank and ENDA and some gay ministries that allow transgender and queer folk to attend as some sort of conditional gift.

Many Queer folk are honestly not overly concerned with "traditional Marriage"(Prop 8), "Traditional" applying to churches that espouse hate and equally associated with "Marriage" as established by gay and straight Churches.

The Babies and families gathered to show support of the American way of life, freedom. The Sisters who dress in quasi religious garb, do so to make a personal, social or political statement, not explicitly to identify a gender or sexual affinity.

Although I actively protest religions spiritual violence against trans/queer folk I make a conscious effort to do so in ways not so violent as Bash Back with all that leaflet throwing and kissing.

We have the right to voice our opposition to religions affirmation of spiritual violence. No a half loaf is not ok, I refuse to beg or eat crumbs from the floor. If that is all that is offered I will do as before and work for my meal, make a place and eat at a different table.

Florida circuit court : Gays may adopt, ruling may go to supreme court

The ACLU reports reports that a Florida couple has won a ruling which will alow them to adopt the children they are foster parents. However, this ruling will disstaisfy the State of florida which contains GLBT people are hibitual substance abusers who have no pemenacy in relationships and are prone to child abuse.
The ACLU suscessfuly by use of highly regarded experts and sientific studies debunked and discredited the state of florida's case.

However the Laywers representing the State of Florida would attempt to http://www.365gay.com/uncategorized/florida-gay-adoption-ban-headed-to-state-supreme-court-2/ challange the circuit court's rulling in the Florida Supreme Court.

Westboro Baptist learns Silverton OR. is Hate free zona libre de odio

Associated Press The protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church arrived with an assortment of signs, such as "God Hates You," "Fags Are Beasts," "Your Pastor is a Whore" and "Barack Obama Antichrist."

"But the town greeted the quartet with a festive counterprotest. More than 100 people paraded in the street and some men wore women's clothing in a show of support for Rasmussen."

"Today, I'm just Joe the Crossdresser," said Silverton attorney Yossi Davidson, 59, who stood across City Hall from the protesters wearing a dress. "Stu's an institution in this town, which is probably why he got elected. He's a straightforward, genuine kind of guy despite his gender complexities."
The person holding the "God Hates You" sign is standing on the American flag.
Courtsy of the The Oregonian

Protest in Silverton

"I'm a Christian," Lesley Brighton said, clearly perplexed by the girl's "God Hates Fags" sign. "This is some kind of joke, right?"

No, it's deadly serious, Phelps replied. Electing a transgender mayor, she said, was an abomination.

kelli Busey