DEMAND the Dallas Voice stops using "TRANNY"

Thank you Nikki Dreams for this wonderfully sensitive and enlightening video. I hope everyone who watches this comes to appreciates how harmful it is to the self respect of transgender people when you call us "Trannie" and unless we are a entertainer with published articles which we identify ourselves individually as a "Drag Queen or Tranny" please do not call us by these names.

The Dallas Voice and it's Web Log which bill themselves as a "LGB Paper" have been a constant recipient of my emails and phone calls to both the Editor, Tammye Nash and News Editor, John Write, both of whom I consider an allies, protesting their use of these derogatory names. I have explained that we suffer from the use of TRANNY as Black people do being called "Nigger" by non Afro Americans or Hispanics hate "Wetback" or Jewish people rail against 'Kike".....this list of bigotry inspired names is used by haters........and how others will capitalize on their insensitivity resulting in the marginalization, Victimization and violent murders of Transgender people.

I have resisted the Dallas Voices invitation to post letters to the editor protesting this because I feel it would exploitative on the Dallas Voices part. My indignation would be used as a promotional commercialization aid for the sales of this very hateful language.

!Please save lives and Take Action! Copy the message below and Send the Dallas voice a email!

Phone: (214) 754-8710
Fax: (214) 969-7271

Robert Moore, Publisher
Tele. Ext.112

Tammye Nash, Senior Editor
Tele. Ext.128

John Wright, News Editor
Tele. Ext.113

Ben Briscoe, Staff Writer
Tele. Ext.117
Dear Dallas Voice,
Our community is comprised of Queer, Transgender, Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Intersexed and Questioning people who deserve the same respect as your staff expects to be shown in there personal daily lives. You would scream bloody murder if I called you "Faggot" do not call our people "Tranny". We demand our own community stops leading the way for hate and violence targeting transgender people.
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By Kelli Busey,
Transgender Woman
January 25, 2009

Human Rights First Thanks President Obama

Human Rights First

"If there was any doubt that a new day is dawning in America, it has been washed away by the events of [last week]."

"I am speaking about the three executive orders that President Obama signed yesterday. They represent a significant victory—a victory for which Human Rights First has fought relentlessly over the past seven years. And you have been there right alongside us the entire way."

"Standing next to the president as he signed these orders were 16 members of Human Rights First's coalition of retired military leaders. Over the past several years, Human Rights First has brought together more than 50 generals and admirals to speak out against disastrous policies of torture, ill treatment, and indefinite detention."

"Taken together, these executive orders end coercive interrogation practices by the CIA and other U.S. agencies, shut down secret detention facilities, and order the closure of Guantánamo within one year."

Please take moment now and send a thank you to President Obama for his action. Let him know that you will support him in making sure that America's leadership is fully restored.

Posted by Kelli Busey
January 25, 2009