One Kalamazoo Defend's the City's Non-Discrimination Ordinance

One Kalamazoo is the campaign formed to defend the Kalamazoo Non-Discrimination Ordinance. As a ballot question committee, One Kalamazoo will encourage voters to support the ordinance during the November 3, 2009 elections.

One Kalamazoo is a strategic campaign driven by local volunteers and expertise. Guided with aide from a Steering Committee of business and community leaders representing the diversity and values of Kalamazoo, One Kalamazoo represents the best of Kalamazoo’s values—hard work, equal treatment, fair play, and the recognition that discrimination is wrong.

To start engaging in the online conversation, click on any of the icons on the One Kalamazoo homepage and follow, friend, or fan us.


San Francisco "Tranny Fest" Transgender Film Festival Seeks Entries

Fresh Meat Productions, CA, USA

Tranny FestTransgender Film Festival

San Francisco's Transgender Film Festival seeks entries for its 2009 Festival, November 6th and 7th. The festival accepts narrative, documentary, experimental, animated films and music videos. All work should be created by transgender/genderqueer people. All work submitted this year must be 10 minutes or under!
Tranny Fest was founded in 1997 and is the nation's first transgender/genderqueer film festival. In the 12 years since, we have exhibited groundbreaking, provocative, outrageous, courageous, moving and innovative works that show the complexity of lives lived on the transgender/ genderqueer spectrum. Tranny Fest is presented by Tranny Fest and Fresh Meat Productions.
Early submissions are encouraged.
There is no entry fee.

FORMATWe will exhibit works only on DVD (North American format).
1. Download the Tranny Fest Entry Form
(to download: click on link or right click on link and select 'save' to your computer). Fill out the form and print a copy.
2. Send your entry form, and one copy of your work (DVD only) to:
Tranny Fest
c/o Fresh Meat Productions
P.O. Box 460670
San Francisco, CA
3. Email a 300-dpi (high resolution) JPG image for your film to info@trannyfest.com
4. You can include a self-addressed, stamped postcard if you'd like notification that your submission was received (or you may request email notification using the email above).
1. Please include all required materials when submitting your entry (All work must be less than 10 minutes long! No exceptions).
2. We cannot return any submitted materials.
3. We will notify you if your work is accepted by October 10th.
4. Once a film is submitted, it may not be withdrawn for any reason.

Ippadikku गुलाब Rose Transgender Talk Show Host

Ippadikku गुलाब

"For the first time in television history, Indian viewers will get to watch a transgender anchor. 28 year old, Rose, would be hosting a regional talk show 'IPADIKU ROSE' meaning 'Your Rose'."

"It would be a weekend show on the popular channel Star Vijay TV. Rose, at the age of 20 took a firm decision when she realized that she is a woman at heart. Ever since then, she has been keen on working for the upliftment of others like her."