Drag queen "Miss Kimberly" Parties it up at the 2010 London TDOR with a rendition of "I'm a tranny"

Drag queen "Miss Kimberly", pictured right, regaled the London 2010 TDOR with a rendition of 'I'm a woman' substituting 'tranny' for 'woman'.

Helen G at the UK based blog "Bird of Paradox" seemed to be incensed, as were as she reported, many transgender people in attendance at the vigil. In a post about the 2010 TDOR Bird of Paradox she writes
"The use of the t-word last night by the singer at the London TDoR vigil was, in my opinion, both inappropriate and insensitive. Further, to expect all those of us attending the vigil to happily join in with the singalong as though we were partying at a nightclub, was either jaw-droppingly naive or deliberately provocative."

Why should Helen Boyd be surprised that the 2010 TDOR was desecrated by this man? The attendees weren't upset when he did the same song at the 2009 TDOR. Judging by the laughter of the men room such at the 2009 TDOR like J Jaiden Geirrsson's they thought he was a riot.

The 2010 London TDOR was a party laughing it up as a cisgender man who while performing drag makes a mockery of trans folk.

Where is the spine of London's transgender community? Why is the London Trans community complacent, complicit and silent about this atrocity?

Why has the London TDOR become a drag show? The only things missing from making the London transgender Day of Remembrance a complete insult to our dead was a strip stage, pole and drinks.

Or maybe the London transgender community will reclaim the 2011 TDOR and hold a event respectful of not just the living, but the dead as well.

Up dated November 25 2010.
Misgendering in title.
Clarification of Miss Kimberly's gender to "cisgender man".
Helen Boyd incorrectly identified as 'Bird of Paradox' author.