Immigration detainee Alexis Cortez-Reyna held in solitary "so you can learn not to be a faggot"

Source Chiacgo Tribune:
WASHINGTON— For 22 hours a day, Alejandro Cortez-Reyna, who is transgender, was confined to a 5-by-9-foot cell in Immigration custody. Eventually the time out of the cell was reduced to about 45 minutes.

When Cortez-Reyna once asked why dayroom time for gay or transgender immigrants at the Theo Lacy facility in California was cut to less than two hours, a guard responded, "Because you need to learn not to be a faggot."

The guard's response is part of a civil rights complaint filed Wednesday on behalf of Cortez-Reyna and 12 others. It alleges systemic abuse and neglect of gay and transgender immigrants while in custody at facilities owned or contracted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Chicago-based Heartland Alliance National Immigrant Justice Center filed the action with the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and Inspector General's Office.

Sandy Rawls Interview "I'm Glad HB235 is Dead"

"Equality Maryland can't just keep on with what they've been doing, they have to reach out to the transgender community." says Sandy Rawls.

Ashley Love of Trans Forming Media (TFM) talks with Baltimore transgender leader Sandy Rawls founder and director of Trans-United who initially supported HB235. Miss Rawls later became a outspoken opponent of the 'anti-discrimination bill' without public accommodations protections after hearing from her membership.

Sadly Equality Maryland the proponent of HB235 is not reaching out. Conversely they are continuing to censor the transgender community by not allowing the majority of people who voice dissenting opinions from commenting on their facebook page all the while trumpeting a fully inclusive meme .

Sandy Rawls and Ashely Love are the people Equality Maryland Should be listening to not their transgender doctor and another wealthy member who stated the only way their lives could have been effected by the omission of public accommodations was the possibly they might have a harder time reserving a room at the ski lodges.

For Better or Worst Gay Marriage is the Best!

For Better or Worst

My good friend Terry Denson publishes a non profit site called "Theology Degrees" a place where anyone may search over 65 Schools Offering Theology Degrees Online. I think that is a wonderful effort and made better by his most recent post For Better or For Worse: Top 10 Gay Marriage Blogs

God it feels GREAT to work freely again for our entire community. Thank you Terry!