GLAAD To Honor Kim Cattrall SIN Star for Racial Profiling Transgender Defaming Elitist Classism

GLAAD is going to honor Sex in the City star Kim Cattrall at the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco on May 14.
GLAAD's announcement makes no mention of the "Half Man Half Woman tranny hooker" "Chicks with Dicks" Sex in the city episode. Cattrall's racial stereotyping of transgender woman working to survive was bad enough but when she threw the bucket of water down on them knocking one persons wig off stripping that woman of her humanity, that was too much. Add physical assault to the list.

But does GLAAD give a flip as long as she has a lesbian GF and supports SSM?

Plotsummary: Samantha has another cocky problem: gross transsexual whores in front of her window.

I am calling on GLAAD Media director Rich Ferraro to treat transgender people with respect and not give this award to Cattrall.

In a exchange recently with Rich Ferraro sparked by a recent Washington Blade post defaming transgender people he responded emailing me:

"We do a lot of work with mainstream media regarding transgender issues –because it’s an area where so many have a lot to learn. One of the key goals of our team is to also push out positive stories about LGBT people – and I hope that more will continue to run. Perhaps this can happen in LGBT media as well – it seems like whenever we do an action speaking out against transgender discrimination/offensive media images, we (GLAAD) get hit very hard by the gay and lesbian people on our list. There needs to be more work done to reach those people with images that move them to support the trans community."

"I do have some relationships with LGBT media/reporters so I do hope that you can continue to send items like this to me or if articles run that misrepresent the trans community. I’m happy to put you in touch to relay concerns. I recommend that happensbefore public blog posts go up on your site though."
I emailed back pointing out to him that when you kick the hornets nest of transphobia you are going to get stung regardless if the hornets are straight of gay! To be honest I didn't really know how to react to that last line. It almost seemed threatening but I emailed him back agreeing maybe we should work together.

Rich, just a observation. You just kicked the transgender hornets nest. Do not award Cattrall for her transphobic hatred.

Email Rich Ferraro ar Ferraro@glaad.org

Live in San Fran? Get protesting! Info on the Facebook event

Fort Worth Texas Post Rainbow Lounge Raid Implemented 19 of 20 LGBT Recomendations!

I am so proud to be a citizen of Fort Worth Texas.
Our mayor and city council ROCK!
The support of north Texas gay brothers and sisters ROCK!

The one item not incorporated yet by the city, insurance for sexual reassignment surgery for it's transgender employees is still being considered and may be implemented by 2012.

The only truly troubling issue as pointed out by the Fort Worth Telegram is the disparity in the ratings granted by police and firefighters and the other civil employees as to the need and relevance of the training being offered. Clearly the police will benefit the most from this training.

We need to urge the city council to approve heath care for its transgender employees. 19 out of 20 is good but lets bat 100!

Click the picture of the Mayor or here to view movie.

Maryland Transgender Advocacy (MTA) "We're Driving NOW!

Reclaiming the Transgender Agenda!


The caption under the home page banner of the newly formed Maryland Transgender Alliance says it all.

This column is my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinions or agenda of the members of the MTA.

FUCK YOU Equality Maryland. FUCK YOU GILL foundation, FUCK YOU HRC, FUCK YOU Freedom to Marry, FUCK YOU the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and finally especially FUCK YOU Mara quisling at the NCTE.

Those gay organizations conspired in 2011 using HB 235 sans Public accommodations protections as the bulldozer blade to bury the poor of the transgender community. THATS MOST ALL OF US FOLKS! They censored, banned, shut out and using the might of the before named groups, misrepresented the disenfranchised Maryland transgender community using a few privileged wealthy transgender people to validate their facade of inclusivity.

We beat them at their game, defeating HB 235 but just barely. We were unprepared for the ferocity and unrepentant immorality of these organizations.

Transgender people of Maryland are not going to allow you to use there lives to further the gay agenda ANYMORE!

OK. No more profanity or anger, returning to my natural Zen state.....

From the MTA homepage....

"Our primary objective is to promote legislation that will provide transgender Marylanders with legal protections in the areas of public accommodations, employment and housing. Concurrent with those objectives we also support legislation that will provide stronger remedies for enforcement than are now available."

"While no legislation could by itself do away with the fears and prejudices of our society we must begin with that first step toward creating a more just society. Our political goals are directed at first improving the lives of the most marginalized among us. Many in our community live in poverty and among them are those who work in the sex trade to survive. Still others live marginal lives with the support of family and friends while they either fail to find employment or work at poorly paid or part time jobs. These are the people we work first to liberate."
I have faith in our free state transgender brothers and sisters. They are forming a viable political force comprised of transgender people that will work in good faith for our lives. I have faith in them. God bless you all.