Against Me! Laura Jane Grace and Joan Jet Cover the Replacements Androgynous

Here come Dick, he's wearing a skirt
Here comes Jane, y'know she's sporting a chain
Same hair, revolution
Same build, evolution
Tomorrow who's gonna fuss

And they love each other so
Closer than you know, love each other so

Don't get him wrong and don't get him mad
He might be a father, but he sure ain't a dad
And she don't need advice that'll center her
She's happy with the way she looks
She's happy with her gender

Mirror image, see no damage
See no evil at all
Kewpie dolls and urine stalls
Will be laughed at
The way you're laughed at now

Now, something meets Boy, and something meets Girl
They both look the same
They're overjoyed in this world
Same hair, revolution
Unisex, evolution
Tomorrow who's gonna fuss
And tomorrow Dick is wearing pants
And tomorrow Janie's wearing a dress
Future outcasts and they don't last
And today, the people dress the way that they please
The way they tried to do in the last centuries

So what do the lyrics mean? I found this prophetic response by shophappily posted on 08-20-2005 long before Laura and Joan sang together:

First of all, this song is about the future.

>>Kewpie dolls and urine stalls
>>Will be laughed at
>>The way you're laughed at now

Male and female personas merge. Dick may be a father, but that doesn't mean he has to take the "dad" role. Same with Janie and the female role. Certain hairstyles do not make you male or female, nor do certain body types.

Dick and Janie are closer than you know. Sexless. Human. No arbitrary social divide.

>>And tomorrow Dick is wearing pants
>>And tomorrow Janie's wearing a dress
>>Future outcasts and they don't last

In the future the males and females who conform to the stereotypes will be outcasts instead of crossdressers.

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Reading the comments immediately following Laura's announcement she is trans on her fan page leads me to believe the overall consensus is its cool she came out, just don't change.

Don't change and transition are polar opposites. Laura and the music of Against Me most likely will be different but that's the exciting part.

Now that Laura has opened the window to the world will she explode into a dynamic personality her fans never knew before? But then again....she may become passive, a wall flower. Maybe a Indie music star...Its transition baby:) No answers, no promises, no ending destinations. Just roads less taken.

Video: Cake Walk Carmen Carrera The REAL Deception Reveal

TransFam, watch this clip cuz this is the kinda shit that will get you DEAD!

Carmen, recently you posted this comment on your personal facebook profile:

Although I do appreciate your invitation to contact your 'guy' to ask for a interview I think I have see quite enough already. Note: There are many transgender and transsexual people who feel you have done our image as a community a disservice They just have had no place to voice there opinion. The gay rags are all about pandering to your gay following and know they would lose most of there readers should they speak about the obvious. And Glaad? They will always JUMP at a opportunity to stroll the limelight on the red carpet and will spare no expense in doing so. Even at the expense of the transgender communities well being.

So no Carmen, I do not think that stunt was activism. It was you allowing yourself to be set up to satisfy your addiction to the spotlight. That behaviour is akin to the situations drug addicted homeless of our community get themselves into with some notable exceptions.

You are not homeless. You are not desperate. To my knowledge you did not need to perform this stunt to maintain your addiction. You are a selfish "tranny" who has no moral misgivings about humiliating and deceiving unsuspecting hyper macho men.

That's the shit that gets us killed.

P.S. I am not some hooty fluty college educated snob. I graduated from street university of hopelessness and majored in drug addiction, homelessness transgender prostitution. So I know the nitty gritty first hand, sweety.