Oct 1st Worldwide Pussy Riot Solidarity Day Кассация по PussyRiot

Thousands of Russians march under Pussy Riot balloons during the September 15th protest.

October 1st more than 30 citys worldwide will host demonstrations in support of Pussy Riots appeal at Russia cassation high court.

What was the result of the absurd 2 year Pussy Riot sentence? Some experts say it is a sure sign Putin wants to return Russia to a Soviet state. This has not gone unnoticed by Russians who rightfully are upset after a brief taste of democratic reforms.

It has not gone unnoticed by myself after struggling years to establish contact then friendships with transgender people within Russia. Now we are facing the prospect of losing contact with our friend there.

We need Russia as a ally. We need Russia without Vladimir Putin. The world need more heroic feminists like Pussy Riot.

In Moscow? Join the demonstration at the Moscow City Court at 11:00am.