Massachusetts appeals Judges Ruling Allowing Transgender Murderer's SRS

The planetransgender straw poll showed the majority of trans people thought inmate Michelle Kosilek should be given SRS on the tax payers dime but the 'state' AKA the Governor disagrees and has ordered the ruling challenged. What would you do? Just for a second, think, if you were incarcerated and faced with what this individual is, wouldn't you fight for your life as well?

 Interestingly Governor Patrick didn't mention the 8th Amendment  in his first statement since stating his opinion the inmate should not ne given the surgery but instead seeking to diffuse criticism from the health care professionals and Transgender advocates by stating a concern for Kosilek's safety post surgery. That reason really holds little weight. Governor Patrick stands a better chance at deflecting criticism by emphasizing his concern for Kosilek's sister inmates safety should Kosilek get Sexual reassignment surgery (SRS).

 From Governor Patrick  “It’s not a reflection of a point of view about gender-identity disorder,” Patrick said, in his first comments on the appeal. “Apparently, that is a real disorder. And, indeed, Kosilek has been getting treatment for that disorder. The question is whether it should go all the way to surgery, and what the implications are for the safety of Kosilek and other inmates, in that event.”

That point is mote because Kosilek already lives in solitary for her safety.

I mean, aren't we all fighting for our lives anyways? How many reading this could say you have never done something you were glad you weren't caught doing? OK, so hopefully it wasn't murder, but wouldn't you fight in jail as hard as you do out here?

Chris Tina Bruce:: On a Road Not Just Less Traveled

I have known Chris Tina for a while and am glad to see she is maturing so well.

Time Is Running Out For The Memphis City Council

......to do the right thing.

Time is running out to apply themselves as the law demands and protect all citizens, not just the ones who it is politically expedient to protect.

A message from the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies Kelli Busey...

Time is running out for transgender people to be included in this amendment...

Please sign the petition
Memphis Protect Transgender People

Thailand's Got Talent - Bell Nuntita นันทิตา Audition (English Subtitle / Eng Sub

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such a wonderful performance on Thailand's Got Talent. gorgeous. beautiful soul and lovely voice.

Song 1: Yark Roo Tae Mai Yark Tarm อยากรู้แต่ไม่อยากถาม
Artist: Calories Blah Blah

Song 2: "Unlovable"
Artist: Mild
Performer: Bell Nuntita นันทิตา on Thailand's Got Talent

Video with English Subtitles / Captions
ดูแล้วจะงง เธอน่ารัก ควรดู