Monika Kowalska Interviews Transgender Screen Icon Aleshia Brevard

ABC's 2002 video interview below of Aleshia Brevard sets the stage for today's byline: "We've come a long ways baby".

However interesting the ABC's piece is it doesn't delve into the real issues that define our community's experiences or do Aleshia Brevard justice. For the inside story of the first US trans screen star ever, check out Monika Kowalska's amazing blog, My Transgender Heroines.

Aleshia Brevard.com.

Al Jazeera America. How does That Effect LGBT People?

At first I was elated having used Al Jazeera often in posts. The network has proved itself to me for its unbiased worldly reporting. But then a twitter friend told me Al Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar.

Qatar, a Muslim country living under Sharia law outlaws homosexuality. Transsexuality in the gulf state is problematic at best. As best as I can tell there seems to be a culture of don't ask if you can "pass" in Qatar . However if you are stopped by the police and they decide you don't pass all bets are off.

So does Al Jazeera report about LGBT issues as well as it does other news? Depends if you are viewing the Arabic channel which has no LGBT news or the English channel which has recently begun reporting LRBT stories.

Source: IGLHRC:Al Jazeera English regularly reports on gay issues. In recent months, its coverage included segments about the gruesome murders of close to 100 gay men by al Mahdi Shi'ite militias in Iraq in 2009, the killing of gay youths in a Tel Aviv club last summer, and India's court decision to decriminalize gay sex.

But Al Jazeera's Arabic network "is not interested in covering gay rights issues the way Al Jazeera English does," says Alizadeh. Comparing Al Jazeera Arabic with Al Jazeera English "is like comparing apples and oranges." Al Jazeera Arabic is geared towards a Middle Eastern audience and does not challenge cultural values or orthodox religion, he says.

Al Jazeera America. How does That Affect LGBT People?