Transitioning At the Inauguration

Will Obama's inauguration be the queerest ever now that he has chosen a transgender and gay affirming Latino priest for the Benediction?

Nope. Not unless President Barack Hussein Obama II uses the occasion to come out as gender gifted.

There was a gay president.

Although James Buchanan never came out he was in a long term relationship with another man.

Then there's GW Bush who reached out to the same LGBT affirming priest for his inauguration but I don't thing W will ever come out.

Personally I think Michelle Obama would rule if she stood in support alongside the 45th president during her announcement she is transitioning starting at the inauguration.

Fox Nation Uses "Mrs. Doubtfire" Image to Mock Trans Healthcare Needs

Media Matters Reports: "On January 13, Fox Nation posted a Newsmax.com article describing new regulations in California and Oregon that require insurance companies to cover medically necessary treatments for transgender patients if they also cover those treatments for patients who aren't transgender."

The Fox Nation website has since removed this picture of Mrs. Doubtfire holding two pans to her chest to belittle trans health care needs but the damage has already been done.

Take action!

Basic Rights Oregon the organization which championed the health care improvements has a petition demanding Fox News Stop Dehumanizing Transgender People