2nd Casting Call For the Erotic Trans Doc "Doing It Again"

[text from the website] Please help spread the word – we're doing a second round of casting for the erotic documentary Doing it Again specifically looking to cast scenes of trans women with trans partners. We're looking for couples, friends, fuckbuddies, and individuals willing to be paired with someone – yes that includes trans men applying individually!

(If you’ve already applied before, please see the note at the top of the new casting call for what this means for you).

Anyone who is trans can apply but we’re specifically trying to get more submissions from:
* Trans Men – as a part of a relationship or individually to be paired with a trans woman.
* People of color
* People in existing relationships (especially long term)
* People over 40
* People in or near Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland

We are especially looking for:
* People of color,
* People over 40
* Trans men
* People in mid to long term relationships

(Note about genderqueers: Trans folks who are genderqueer are certainly welcome to apply for this volume, but be aware that there is a separate volume specifically around genderqueer identity, that this volume will not discuss genderqueer identity in detail, and as a side effect there is a risk you will be read as having a binary gender identity. Please gauge your own comfort level with this.)


Participation will include both an interview about your experience of relationship and hookup dynamics and unscripted sexual activity in whatever form that sexual activity takes in your life. If possible, this will be broken up into two shoots, each taking approximately 1 to 3 hours of time (including setup, paperwork, etc). You will be compensated $200 for participating in this project. You must be 18 years of age or older and have photo identification.

People are encourage to apply as a pair or triad (whether they are partners, lovers, friends with benefits, etc.), however, there is a limited ability to pair individuals who apply individually with others who apply individually. Please note that if applying as a pair or triad, each person must fill out the application.

* March 14-18, in Washington DC
* March 19-22, in New York City
* April 2-6, in Toronto
* Mid April, in Vancouver, BC
* May ??, in Victoria, BC (NOT CONFIRMED)
* June 13-15, in Philadelphia (NOT CONFIRMED)
* The rest of the time - Seattle, WA

Clich here for the appication

A Year Has Passed Since Mexican Trans Activist Agnes Torres Murder And Still No Justice

A un año del asesinato de Agnés Torres –activista en pro de los derechos humanos–, el asesino principal está libre, el asesino menor de edad fue sentenciado a sólo tres años de prisión. El proceso legal sigue abierto, los tres culpables restantes no han recibido sentencia. Por si fuera poco, uno de los homicidas pretende obtener su libertad. Por eso es de vital solicitar que el acto criminal no quede impune, que los asesinos se sancionen y que el prófugo sea atrapado.

Agnes Torres forever changing the world...

La discriminación empieza por la boca from Miguel De Lara on Vimeo.

Para que sigas cambiando al mundo, un honor haberte conocido Agnes Torres.

Fragmento del proyecto de tesis elaborada con Johanna Gersch. “La dinámica del Diseño de Información para contrarestrar el desinterés político en los jóvenes mexicanos”, Mayo 2009.

A year after the murder of Agnes Torres activist for human rights, the principal is free and an accomplice was sentenced but only received three years in prison. The legal process is still open, the three remaining culprits have not been sentenced. To make matters worse, one of the murderers sought freedom. So it is of vital request that the criminal act does not go unpunished, that murderers are punished and that the fugitive is caught.

Keep up to date with the facebook group Justice for Agnes Torres Hernandez

Please help bring these criminals to justice by signing the petition Que los asesinos de la activista Agnés Torres sean sentenciados y que el prófugo sea atrapado.

Istanbul Trans Woman Dies Of Injuries Sustained During Police Retaliatory Attack

 This is what gendercide looks like.

The transgender community in Turkey is under attack by it's own goverment. In a apparent retribution for our communities increased visibility a transgender woman beaten during March 7th raids by the police has died.

I can't believe if the 5000 friends I have on facebook only four have 'liked' LGBT Istanbul! This is our family being slaughtered! Please if you care like LGBT Istanbul. Then really care by sharing, bring this human tragedy, this blatant gendercide to the worlds spotlight.

This battle must be joined by the entire transgender community and allies if our dear family is to have any chance at survival.