Proof It was a Trans not Gay Skeleton Found In Prague

Those gay assimilates want our bones.

Seems a skeleton was found in Prague. What made this skeleton special was she was facing east, was surrounded by jugs and was pre op! Next thing I'm reading is how the skeleton might be the oldest known gay bones. So I got a exclusive interview with her Gurrl, the the transgender Prague Skeleton.

Gurrl explained how it was back in the Corded Ware culture of the Copper Age thousands of years and religions ago. "Yeah so we GNB (Gender Non Conforming Bones) had it pretty good back then...except some of the right wingers bones got all bent when we'd do our 'business" Gurrl elaborated, "..so there were boulders chiseled woman and and some chiseled "men". Naturally us female trans skeletons would go with the cis woman skeletons. It was cool for years but then out of the blue this one freakazoid skeleton named Kavanagh introduced "NoRock4U" sticks. It was all messed up"

So there you have it. Somethings haven't changed. But we're working on it.

HRC Staffer Who Traumatized Brian At The Supreme Court Marriage Rally Speaks At SAGA

Karen Quimby, a regional field director for HRC, tearfully explained to San Antonio Gender Association (SAGA) she was only enforcing "message control" when she hounded a young trans flag waver to tears demanding he take our flag out of camera view.

According to the witnesses she returned three times finally bring reinforcements to tell the the young man 'marriage equality isn't a trans issue'. Quimby said she couldn't remember if she had said that (message control again?) but according to QSanantonio she said she 'might' have said something to that affect.

Quimby told SAGA she didn't know what a trans flag looked like when she confronted Brian. This is extremely hard for me to believe. Quimby, a senior staffer her employment is listed on the same page as the HRC president where she..."develop(s) field organizing plans and implementing strategies to elect fair-minded candidates and to pass pro-equality federal, state and local laws "with HRC since 2010.

Brian posted this introduction and video on his facebook wall.
"This moment right catches the feeling of what happen last week in Washington DC. C.d did what I couldn't after, I had been threaten by a videographer that she was gonna burn the Trans* Flag, I had it off and wondered how we were going this ...situation...this is what started our mission of holding HRC accountable for their actions. This WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN...not while Autumn GetEqual Leaf, Sally Jo, Liberty Manos, Tom GetEqual Morgan, Melissa Kleckner, Jerame Davis, John M. Becker, Scott Stuart Gaffney and myself continue to make sure ALL of use are EQUAL!"

The complete HRC message was that there are no undocumented queer or trans people in the marriage equality movement, only all American red white and blue flag wavers.

Some at the SAGA meeting noted much of the conversation then focused the near total lack transgender employed by HRC.

I was at the Philadelphia LGBT media convo and had the pleasure of hearing Allyson Robinson speak about her time at HRC. She spent much of her time lamenting about how some had said she was a token to HRC. She then went on to explain passionately she believed she had a positive influence as the lone trans employee during those years.

I would not venture to speak for Donna Rose, the only other recent trans employee, who's tenure was so unceremoniously discontinued after Joe Solmonese's snub post ENDA. It was traumatizing for many including myself. We believed in HRC until that moment not because of what they were but because we believed and loved Donna.

So does HRC discriminate against transgender people in employment or is it that no self respecting trans person would allow themselves to be yet another HRC pawn? In my heart I know somewhere there's a high profile trans person who would jump willy nilly into the opportunistic HRC spotlight.

But that's not going to help transgender people. We need meaningful employment in the rank and file. Maybe Quimby's job?

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mara in person after all these years and I got to tell you, she impressed me. I included this clip from the Philly LGBTmedia convo because Mara's narrative was a harbinger of the events that followed. When we compartmentalize our community's needs we stratify our advocacy monetarily inevitably delineating urgency, alienating those who are not part of the "message". Again.

Listag Film, Benim Çocuğum & My Child, Fragman & Trailer. @turkgayclub

These parents risked everything to proclaim their love for there trans and gay children during a time of intense police brutality and arbitrary murders. They are my heroes.

[bing translate] Angel Okan, Bursa, transgender Irem Okan's mother brutally murdered in 2010, stabbed 44 times. This documentary, seven mom and dad, they live in a conservative, homophobic and transphobic society, parents, family and what it means to be an activist again be described, these special experiences with the audience witness to share in a friendly manner.

Source Turkey Gay Club: Turkey, especially in recent years, a growing conservatism in making itself felt, and many life significantly under the influence of the sanctions to continue.
On the other hand come out with the moms and dads told the children of LGBT and LGBT these approaches and other relatives and friends, and have received impressive results when they try to convince all of society.

So far, they have families LİSTAG'lı interviews, participated in both events or news pseudonyms are used in newspapers and magazines all the time and not showing their faces were included. Now open up the society, family members who choose to show their faces so they decided to realize my child documentary and crossed the whole world in front of the camera to announce the words

Michelangelo Signorile speaks with Arizona State Representative John #NoLoo4U Kavanagh

Michelangelo Signorile takes apart the rationale behind John Kavanagh's noloo4u bill recently voted out of committee along party lines. His original bill expressly targeted transgender people for all intents made normal daily functions illegal.

Signorile: So now a business could make a choice (subjective determination) and not allow someone to use there restrooms?

Kavanagh replies indicating his abhorrence of gender non conforming people "Someone who is biological male but thinks in there mind they are female" would be allowed to patronize stores, restaurants and other places of public accommodations. What the business could do is to restrict a person from using there restrooms and could call the police if they refused to comply.

Kavanagh: "Bathroom wasn't the central issue. People are clearly uncomfortable when a person enters a bathroom of the opposite sex all off us have experienced that." (really?)

Signorile: "so what are you worried about? No one knows or cares about whats going on in the next stall over!"

Kavanagh defends his bill saying "A tree fall in the the woods nobody hears it " implying if his law is broken and no one knows or is harmed by us using the bathroom that keeps us from being attacked, who would know?


Q:If we trees have been falling since the beginning of time why would Kavanagh criminalize our 'movements' now, when no one ever heard us falling before?