Vatican City Jack Offs ( Maybe the pope?) are Stealing Transgender XXX Porn

I'm not going to bash anyone for watching porn, even porn they didn't pay for >until now that is. Most all of us have accidentally on purpose looked at images like those at least briefly, for a few hours. So what's the harm? There's a few people in the Vatican City who are watching the porno transgender porn. But who could it be?

I don't know, maybe one of the 58 cardinals, 293 clergy with status as members of pontifical  pornographic representations or 62 other members of the clergy. Maybe one of the 101 members of the Swiss Guard or the remaining 43 are other lay persons? It could have been any of the nearly 100 percent male citizens of Vatican City.
Here's the Rub

After these self righteous pious assholes made me cry condemning me for being who god made last Christmas eve they went back to their bedrooms and jacked off to stolen pornographic movies of people just like me. THATS FUCKED UP.

I am always interested in reaching more of our diverse global trans and allied community so I often research who is visiting planetransgender and what key words were used to find our blog. Without fail searches from religiously oppressive countries like Saudi Arabia, and the Vatican include the pejorative "tranny" and "sex". Those visits are always short because they don't care about us, they just want to masturbate. They quickly leave and head to a porn site.

Now I'm going to extrapolate. Get your head outta the gutter, I said extrapolate not masturbate. Sheesh. OK so I said I wasn't going to condemn anyone for watching porn 'until now' right? Well, I'm calling these Christians out. Not just because they condemn us but because the very same people who star in these movies, the ones they condemn, age and when we age, people stop filming them and they end up, god forbid, like me, on the streets. Prostituting myself. Gang and drug dependent. Alone. Beaten and hopeless.

I'm not implying any of the actresses they were watching had life experiences like mine but this is my 2,002 post since 2007 and I can't venture how many of those articles were about alienated trans people murdered while engaging in or being in the vicinity of gang activity, illegal drugs and known areas of prostitution.

With out hope.

How many of them like myself only needed that one break to make it? How many of our brothers and sisters became so saddened by these Vatican Assholes trans bashing us they turned away from the lord? Forever is a very long time.

And these Vatican city jack offs could care fucking less. Like I said they don't visit web sites to learn who they are condemning. They could care less. Assholes.

One of the actresses had a different and valid complaint about the Vatican's religious duplicity. Tiffany Starr released the following statement Monday evening on the Daily Dot:
I have always identified as a Transsexual Woman and got into porn to be able to express my open views of sex. I consider myself bi-sexual but really enjoy women and other transsexual women. My scene with Sheena Shaw was steamy, affectionate and raunchy so I can see why whomever at the Vatican watched picked us. Porn isn’t as taboo as many people try and make it out to be. For someone to know what they enjoy and pleases them isn’t taboo but a great form of self expression. I am sure Christians feel it was sinful as part of their morals but I think its great that this person was taking time to enjoy himself. What I don’t agree with is downloading it from a tube site. Tube Sites steal the work of producers and stars who work and spend money to produce them only to have them illegally downloaded from a site, thus “thou shall not steal”. So as much as I am pleased that he enjoys my body of work, no pun attended, I wish it was done the correct way. So with that being said I must show my compassion and charity work and if the person himself wants to email me tstiffanystarrxxx69@yahoo.com then I would be happy to send him a free autographed DVD and a personal thank you.