Audio: Transgender 11 year old, Wren Kauffman sister and mom talk about his coming out

Wren, a female to male (FTM) transgender youth has at eleven, begun talking puberty blockers and begun his life on our shared road less traveled.

Wren's sister and mother share a delightful moment with cbc.ca/news Canada talking about their shared experiences transitioning with Wren.

Wren and his families understanding of transsexualism is a triumph to those of our community who have preceded him. Be proud. You have the right to be.

Click here to listen, opens to the CBC player

Watch a tribute to Murdered Texas Trans woman Konyale Madden

Denton County sheriff’s deputies continue to investigate a possible homicide that occurred in a community-style development off U.S. Highway 380 during the weekend.

Konyale Madden, 34, was found dead in her home on Hayden Lane in Savannah Estates by friends shortly after 5 p.m. Sunday, Sgt. Larry Kish said.

Friends told the Denton Record that Ms. Konyale a Longview Texas native was a warm, lively and loving person and will miss her dearly.

Ms. Konyale's death strikes home for this blogger as she lived in the same county as I.

R.I.P Konyale Madden.

Those with information on Madden or information leading to the death are asked to contact Sgt. Larry Kish at 940-349-1665.