Ashanti Mcalister gets life for murder of Trans Rapper Evon (YungLT) Young

One of the five men arrested for the murder of  Milwaukee rap artist Evon Young was sentenced to life in prison on September 13th.

Wisconsin Gazette: A jury found 19-year-old Ashanti Mcalister guilty on June 27 of first-degree intentional homicide in the death of 22-year-old Evon Young, a transgender rapper who also was known as Yung LT. 

On Sept. 12, Mcalister was sentenced to life in prison.

Young disappeared New Year’s Day. Police say that Mcalister and four others were involved in Young’s death and then disposed of his body in a trash bin. 

According to testimony, Mcalister shot Young’s body three times after Young had been suffocated and strangled in the basement of his home. 

Mcalister could request parole in 53 years.

Two others arrested in connection with Young’s death entered into plea agreements, which require them to testify against the other defendants. Their sentencing will take place next month.

A fourth man, Ron Allen, will go on trial in October.
And a fifth man, Young’s roommate, Billy Griffin, will have a retrial in November after a jury could not reach a verdict in the first trial

Texas Attorney General wants to sue San Antonio over new LGBT ordinance thats even more respectful of the 1st amendment

Abbott won't come out and say he hates thy gays but he will make it legal for others to, if he can.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and two leading Republican candidates to succeed him say they want to sue the city of San Antonio over its vote last week to add sexual orientation and identity to an anti-discrimination ordinance that already included race, religion and nationality. But Rick Casey says language changes in the new rules actually respect the First Amendment more than the old ordinance.

My San Antionio reports Abbott doesn't bash gays in his warning. He's just worried about language in the ordinance that he thinks will punish those who do bash gays. But such language was in the previous anti-discrimination ordinance for years.

“No person shall be appointed to a (city) position if the City Council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or handicap,” the language said.

This is very disturbing language. Under it, any Christian who said she thought Jews were going to hell might be barred from office. But it didn't seem to disturb anyone until Councilman Diego Bernal sought to add gays and transgendered persons to the list. Bernal, himself a civil rights lawyer, took out that language early in the drafting process. It is no longer in the ordinance.

A surviving section, however, does include similar language. It says, “No appointed official or member of a board or commission shall engage in discrimination or demonstrate a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group of persons, or organization (based on race, color, sexual orientation, etc.) while acting in their official capacity while in such public position.”

A board member or other official who violates this section can be removed by City Council.

This is the section Attorney General Abbott has focused on. “I believe that violates the First Amendment — both freedom of speech and freedom of religion,” he said.

Nikki Araguz firefighters widow denied survivor benefits, now denied a Texas marriage license

HOUSTON (KHOU) -- The transgender widow of a Wharton County firefighter, whom a judge ruled was not entitled to her late husband’s death benefits because she was born a man, is challenging Texas law once more by attempting to get married again.

Nikki Araguz, 38, was the transgender wife of Wharton firefighter Thomas Araguz. He died fighting a blaze at a Wharton County farm in 2010. His family, when they found out Nikki Araguz was born a male named Justin Purdue, challenged her rights to the benefits. They argued that the marriage should be declared null and void because the Texas Constitution effectively bans same sex marriages. A judge agreed that although Araguz had her original California birth certificate amended to show that she is now female, that Texas law goes by the original birth certificate that shows Araguz/Purdue was born male.

"This is an acceptable form of identification according to your 2009 family code but you're denying me one,” Araguz said.
"Denying it per the constitutional amendment,” Stanart said.

KHOU 11 News Legal expert Professor Gerald Treece of the South Texas College of Law says Araguz is following the same argument she already lost in court. Texas law, as was the ruling in Araguz’ original case, goes by the original birth certificate, not an amended one. Araguz’ original birth certificate shows she was born a male. Under current Texas law she would always be considered a male. Therefore the Harris County Clerk denied Araguz a marriage license based on the interpretation she was marrying another man.

The three words keeping Nikki from getting a marriage license and the Achilles heel for all of us transsexual Texans "Original Birth Certificate".

A traditional family's three year olds transition from Manuel to Manuela

At age one Manuel wanted a pink stroller. Patricia and Eduardo figured what's the harm and bought him one, but it became the only toy he would play with. His mother worried perhaps he identified too much with her so she took the stroller away and had his father become more involved him hoping this would masculine his behaviour.

But Manuel still only wanted to play with his Barbies. Patricia was devastated even admitting she felt humiliated. This is the critical juncture all trans people experience when we are embraced or estranged by our families.

Patricia and Eduardo decided to learn more and went to the Yes Institute in Miami were they learned some children are just born that way. They started calling her Manuela and let her embrace her femininity at age four.

WSVN-TV - 7NEWS Miam Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco

This is a great article by Lynn Martinezand can be read at VSVN 7News Miami Florida.

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