Fox News article about a Colorado transgender student 'harassing' girls in the bathroom is a lie

Fox News article "Girls 'Harassed' In School Bathroom By Transgender Student Told His Rights Trump Their Privacy" remains up even though the daily Mail  took down the article and the Examiner retracted their article and offered an apology to the student for not fact checking.

The Christian Broadcasting article about a Florence High School transgender student harassing cisgender girls in the bathroom which started all of this remains up even though it has been revealed as a total lie.

The Christian Broadcasting video:

Cristan Williams posted this interview with the town’s school superintendent.

Petition drive to force a vote on San Antonio's New Lgbt inclusive Ordinance fails

The petition drive to force a referendum on San Antonio's new LGBT inclusive ordnance led by pastor Pastor Gerald Ripley of Abundant Life Church failed to collect the 61,046 signatures needed.
MySA noted that the Cornerstone  was the only mega church that participated. I was part of Soulforce's 2009 effort to reach out to pastor Haggee at Cornerstone.

Evidently we failed at Cornerstone so at risk of sounding to smug I would like to dedicate this version of "Onward Christian Soldier" to Pastors Gerald Ripley and Haggee:

Onward, Fundie soldiers, kill a queer for Christ.
Wait! They are protected — Lord that burns our rice!

Once we ran the government, threw them to the cops,
Now we cannot do a thing but fume and grind our chops!

Slog on, Fundie soldiers, peddling hate and woe —
Now the mainstream shuns us, our lives really blow!