Drag Queen Armani Nicole-Davenport may face silicone injection murder charges

Armani Nicole-Davenport performed in this years Diamond of the south

Larry Tremell Bernard, 32, who goes by the drag name Armani Nicole Davenport was originally charged with one count of negligent injuring in the death of Brenisha Hall after the coroner, unable to define the toxic substances in her blood determined she died of natural causes.

Bernard, a drag queen from Dallas is accused of injecting Hall and another person with silicone on Oct. 24. These injections called "Pumping" are a cheap but often fatal alternative to cosmetic surgery. Hall later complained she couldn't breath and was taken to the hospital, where she lapsed into a coma and died.

Five months later on April 25th the Orleans Parish Coroner's office has ruled Hall's death a homicide. However, it may be harder to get a conviction because the original cause of death was said to be of natural causes.
While prosecutors decide on additional charges Bernard remains free on the original bond of $25,000

Protest for transgender 15-yo imprissoned in solitary draws 50 DCF in Hartford and NYC

Jane Doe, a 15 year old transgender girl of color remains in solitary confinement at the York Correctional Facility in Niantic CT. Jane hasn't been sentenced or guilty a crime. Jane is seving time for being transgender after committed in a extremly biased buacracy.

Joette Katz, commissioner of the Department of Children and Families in defensive op-ed explained her rational for sending a child to solitary confinment, argubedly the most inhuman incarceration legaly allowed by law. citing her being a danger to female staff and residents of DCF facilities 13 times. Katz never once acknowlaged that Jane is transgender but she does see as a danger to woman.

Transgender woman Çağla, slain in Istanbul, wounded friend said medics wouldn't touch her

First responders refused to carry Çağla's to the ambulance or even
close her eyes. Photo KAOS GL
Çağla Joker 21, shot in her heart, cried out to her best friend, Nalan, who tried to help and was stabbed in the back. The April 22 attack, considered a hate crime by most, is the latest in an ongoing onslaught on Turkey's transgender community.

Other transgender friends also heard her cry from her living room window. They came running but all they could do was cry and carry her lifeless body to the ambulance after attendees refused to.

Video captured two youth running from the crime scene in Istanbul’s Tarlabaşı neighborhood towards Istiklal Street. The police arrested two suspects, one a 17-year-old has reportedly confessed saying he shot her because she is transgender.

“They did not want to touch the dead body of our friend, we carried her”
Attitude of the police and health staff came as no surprise: “The police came and did not do anything. Just looked around a bit. They did not even question anyone properly. And the ambulance did not want to carry our friend. We took her down the apartment on our own.”

Protesters carrying signs which say state killers. The Turkish government has driven the LGBT population to the fringes of society with unrelenting persecution.

One person commented that the only way to end this will be solidarity. No truer thing has ever been said.

Translation: LGBTI News Turkey