International Business Times flaunt transphobic 'she-male ' J.Lo. headline

Apparently the IBN formally a respected international news source is desperate for click generating revenue. The publication has chosen to race for the bottom beating grocery store tabloids, even Dirt.com with a defamatory headline and transphobic story.

....being known to like trans woman is humiliating and he wanted to see her WHAT?!!....

Dirty.com and intouchweekly.com insinuated in their articles that if a partner is outed as a "chaser",  aka a transsexual fetishist, its the worst possible insult to the cisgender woman. That's bad but what expect fom tabloids? There's no accounting for them. But when a respected international news source ups the ante with their defamatory headline,  that's unacceptable.

The problem with this race to the bottom is other less reputable rags take their cue's from from mainstream media and seeing no repercussions and having nothing to lose will mimic the IBN, or worse..

Man arrested for the 2013 shooting death of Cleveland Transgender woman Brittany Stergis

Delshawn Carroll, 19 has been charged with the 2013 shooting and killing of transgender woman Brittany Stergis. Carroll was arrested at the Cuyahoga County Justice Center while being held for drug possession according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Her murder, stunned friends and family who said that they couldn't imagine anyone could hate her so much that they would kill her.

A facebook post shared by Brittany-Nicole Kidd-Stergis just days before being murdered reflects the sentiments her friend and family shared about her.